Re-framing a Mirror


Jun 5, 2006
Dandridge, TN
Hello. Long time lurker, first time poster. We had a customer bring in a large framed mirror (46"x38"). She did not like the frame, so we picked out a new one. When we went to remove the mirror from the frame, we discovered it had been glued into the frame with what looks to be hot glue. The glue did not go all the way around the mirror, there were globs of glue about every 12 inches.

Any suggestions on how to get this mirror out, or is it in there for good?
Are you sure it is hot melt and not silicone. Silicone will ususally have a softer more pliable texture. If it is hot melt you can try a hot air gun to soften it being careful to spread the heat. For silicone or hot melt you can ususally have success with a sharp thin razor knife like the break point knifes. Just be careful and don't get in a hurry and cut yourself or scratch the backing of the mirror!!!!
sounds like a commercially made(mass produced) mirror with the hot glue method of assembly.

simply cut the glue out - a little bit at a time - you can use a pliers to pull at the strands of glue.