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PFG, Picture Framing God
Apr 12, 2001
Destin, Florida
Here are some not too clear photos of some of the 3D mats I have displayed in my gallery.

The first one is along the lines of what cliff was talking about in the original 3D thread. But, instead of using mats between the cutout and the top "mat" (which has the outer portion of the print on it), I used a wood fillet to cover up the cut line when I removed the inner portion of the print from the "mat" portion.

First, I cut the white border completely off the decorator print. Next, I drymounted the print onto foamboard. Then I decided where I wanted to cut out my "image". I like the assymetrical look so I decided not to make the mat borders even. Instead, I used the geese as the "print" and the rest of the image as the "mat". I straight cut the print to my specifications and removed the new "print". I attached a wood fillet to the window opening of the "mat" and built up the back side with foamcore strips to make the entire matted print lay flat. From there it is standard framing.


Notice the transition of the horizontal lines in the barn, fence, and the tail of the goose.

I took this idea a step further and added conventional mats to these next images:


and this one:


I still used the wood fillets to outline the images and I offset the window images from the rest of the image "mat".

Hope this is close to what cliff was asking about.


P.S. I call these my "Picture within a Picture" prints and they price out from $186.00 to $227.00. They sell well.
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Nice job F.G.

What time does class start? ;)

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Thanks F.G. (Tom)

You really do great work! I have printed out all the different things that you have posted.

Yes, this is what I'm looking for and I like the twist that you put on what I was originally thinking of doing.

Thanks again and keep posting your work.

Cliff P.