Razor Blades

Cheryl Crocker CPF GCF

CGF II, Certified Grumble Framer Level 2
Apr 27, 1999
Boone, NC, USA
I use razor blades constantly for any number of things...finding one that isn't dull or knicked out of the pile is a challenge...I end up throwing the whole lot away. Then it hit me: put a little piece of tape on the end when I open a new one! Simple, stupid, took 8 years to figure out!
Cheryl, That sounds like a GREAT idea - I thought of it years ago. But think of this: what happens when you have a PILE of razor blades with pieces of tape on them? You have to remember to take the tape off when the blade goes dull, and who remembers to do that?

Surely someone on this great new and improved forum must have a solution!
Razor blades are cheap - probably a lot cheaper than anything you're likely to cut with one. When I open up a new blade, I throw out the old one.
(Just had to try the new "Instant Graemlins." Nothing special impied by that.)

The only blades I save are some of my mat cutter blades to use in my dust cover trimmer. It uses old mat cutter blades which is really cool because I never have to buy X-acto blades anymore!

One additional point about mat cutter blades. Why do some framers insist on trying to set a Guiness Book record for the most number of mats cut on a single blade??? A mat blade usually costs about a dime or so. Why ruin the cut in a $17.00 suede mat for the sake of changing a blade that costs a dime? Go figure!


We would call it Penny wise and Pound foolish or should I now say Cent wise and Euro foolish, not the same ring about it somehow.

I have to confess that I was a blade horder, and found out about the cost of blades the expensive way........... recutting mounts or is it mats....... cost of material plus time plus the frustration.........I've got to say I love to learn even if it is the hard way.
Get a piece of magnetic tape and stick it onto the side or nearby of your matcutter table, (an old fridge magnet will do, with a little 3M77 of course) keep the blade that is "good" here until you need a new one and then throw it out.
Sure, Lance, Good idea! I have lots of little magnetic mounts all over the place and they NEVER have any blades on them when I need them!