Rare Pat Paulson Poster


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May 31, 2004
Remember the Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour? I have a large b&w poster of 'Pat Paulson for President.'

He's dressed in a baby bonnet, holding a tire, and wearing a sash that says '1968'

I've held on to it all these years. It needs some work - it's been folded, so needs mounting, and there are tape stains on his face, unfortunately.

I've seen adds that claim to rectify these problems...

Can it be done?

Would anyone venture a guess as to the value of this rare poster?
I think you're funnin' with us, Froptop, but I can play along.

It sounds like your rare poster is in less-than-mint condition. I'd be seriously interested in what type of service could "rectify" its problems.

To determine a value, offer it on eBay and set the minimum bid at what it's worth to YOU.
If copyright is not an issue, it might be practical to have a large-format inkjet print made. That requires the poster to be photographed or scanned, so digital corrections could be made before it is reproduced. You could have the image placed on a CD, and copies could be made in any size & quantity you like.

If copyright is an issue, then you could have a conservator fix the original.
I agree, you could send it to a paper conservator. They can remove the tape, flatten and mend tears etc. as necessary. There's nothing like the original.

I remember Pat Paulson very well. He was SUCH fun.

Well you can get a signed (By Pat) reproduction of one of his 1968 campaign posters off his website for 20 bucks. Being that he's dead... if that's all they can get for a signed piece, granted it's a repro, I would say the resale market is somewhat limited.
Wow... well now wait a minute... I've got, oh.... well . . .wait . . . let me check the sofa. . .

OK, I've got $.11, how close am I. :D

And does that come with a bottle of his wine?
OK, so Ron, Boxer, and Baer think I'm crazy, eh?
Well, that is entirely possible and even likely but...did you even read my description before going online to view the signed reproductions?

I've been there and many other sites. I think you're referring to a color image, his face with a flag background?? sure doesn't sound like mine...

It's B&W, and he's dressed like a baby with a bonnet, and a big ole curl poking out on his forehead, a tire over his shoulder(as in teething ring), a candle/candle holder in other hand, a sash across his nightgown says '1968' and along the bottom, 'for president', Judging from the background, it think it's a still taken directly from the show.

I challange/welcome anyone to find another image like this one somewhere....Anywhere!! I've done web searches off and on for years and have never found one like it but will keep trying. Am also seeking out rare poster dealers.

Never followed thru until now. But seeing as my oldest is starting college in a year, I'd be lying if I said I couldn't use another eleven cents. Come on, Baer, be a sport - how about rounding it up to 2 bits? I'll bet a resourceful guy like you has a chair around somewhere.

Posterfix.com, among others, says tape stains (which are small, by the way) can be removed and then laminated to fabric. Condition, according to the site, is good. The site also says the more unique it is, the less important are the imperfections. If only we were all that lucky...

It's original, bought it myself 37 hears ago. So maybe, this just may qualify as rare.

Stock lines I use when I do appraisal fairs..........

"becaues it is old, that single factor doesn't make it valuable."

"Its only realy value is determined when money changes hands"

If Posterfix.com or any other undividual or company charges you $100-300 to "restore" and stabilize a "C" grade poster,... What is the worth of it, if the only offer for such an item is say $75?
The answer: $75.
To put more into it than it is worth is not a good economic decision.
Sentimental value trumps monetary value in a case like this. If it is valuable to Froptop, then it is valuable. And as such, it should be conservation treated and/or preserved if he wants it to be.
There ya go, Jim.

Would anyone venture a guess as to the sentimental value of this rare poster?
I actually have a first edition copy of Paulsen's 1972 book "How to Wage a Successful Campaign for the Presidency". Maybe if I start studying it now I'll be ready to beat the pants off Frist or Jeb in 2008.

Gang way, you heelots!
It sounds like this poster was made to mimic an old advertising photo for maybe a tire company in maybe the twenties? Baby with tire over shoulder and candleholder is ringing a bell in my brain. Maybe it was the Michelin Man when he was a baby?
Not entirely unrelated, but close! ....As a matter of fact I'm going to start a thread in warped so I don't derail yours.