Rare Earth Magnets


El Framo

I had the good fortune of attending one of Jim Miller's shadowbox classes in Atlanta, and am having a litle bit of trouble with execution. I am using the above mentioned magnets, and am having trouble securing them in the frame. I have used hot glue, but to no avail. What does anyone else use for this? Jim, if you are out there, could you weigh in?
I too attended Jim's class in Atlanta and I use the rare earth magnets on certain applications where access to the shahowbox is needed.

I drill 1/4" holes in the back frame and test fit the rare earth magnets to make sure that they are deep enough. Then I mix a small quantity of any good 2 part epoxy adhesive and apply a dab to the hole. I insert the magnets into each hole and and seat them tightly.

I haven't had a single magnet come loose or pull out of the hole so far. I use a 5 minute 2 part epoxy that can be bought at any hardware store for a few bucks. They usually come in a double plunger type container that pushes out equal quantities of the epoxy and hardener.