Race around the world


CGF, Certified Grumble Framer
Feb 13, 2003
Those of you who are watching the show about the race will get to see my hometown next Wednesday, May 17th. It was filmed here last fall and many have been sworn to confidental agreements. After the show airs the secrets can be told. So if you want to see what my town looks like tune in Wednesday.
If you’re talking about “The Amazing Race”, I hate to admit it, but I love it. My wife got me hooked two years ago.

I’m glad that dentist and wife, and the last couple got eliminated. Those guys were way too abusive to their spouses for anyone to like. If I treated my wife like those jerks did, she would have pushed me into that canal in Greece – without attaching me to a bungie cord.

I’m rooting for the hippies, too. My wife is cheering for Ray and Yolanda (she’s hot; he’s not). The frat boys are slimy.
Can't say name of town until after it airs on Wednesday. But you could look and see where I am from at the bottom of this post.
Oh Man, I have to be careful here.....I saw by Jo's post that the hippies are still in it....go hippies. They are probably the most even keeled players I have ever seen. They have brought much humor.

I'm horribly behind watching this one, they are showing it On Demand and I am taking my time to watch it. This season got my interest because they were leaving from Denver, I wondered where they would end up at the end. I bet they end up at Coor's brewery. I need to get caught up, you can't help but pick up bits and pieces here and there. I almost read Bill's post but diverted my eyes at the last moment.....

Amazing Race is prob the best reality show ever. they tend to use normal everyday people. this particular season has been my favorite group of people by far. I couldn't get into the family one, not sure why.....
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