R.I.P. LaMarche 2/28/06 ?

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Jun 25, 2002
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I believe yesterday was their last day of regular operation.

Reps have been making the rounds to inform people, and it was confirmed by another framer on HH who called to inquire.

The circumstances and end are really a shame. They had some nice product!

Hmmm never saw that comming.

So now people won't be able to get moulding from them? Whats changed?
I think the comapny started to die when Peter did.

Too bad. They were once one of the best.
The dynamics of a family business that goes when the thread that holds it together goes.

Isn't the grandson the owner of Gryphon?? I would like to hear from Gryphon to see what they have.
Gryphon has really nice stuff.

I have been very pleased with them.
I'll miss their ads.

From what my rep intimated, LaM will now be liquidating it's inventory. A possible opportunity to do some real advantageous buying.
I visited LaMarche yesterday. They were still shipping product and running a skeleton crew. My understanding is that they plan to continue to do this for a little bit longer. Its not completely over yet and the moulding is not being liquidated yet. Their warehouse stil has a tremendous amount of inventory. Unfortunately I am not at liberty to share any more information then that at this time.

Philip LaMarche
So what happens to the spiffy new catalog?

International moulding seems to be selling many LM items at much better prices. I do not know if they use the same manufacturer or someone is ripping off another.

I would like to know more about international...where are they out of? I have just seen some stuff at other shops and wonder, might fill a niche.

A shame that this could be the end...to think a great company could fall so far.

Philip is a nice guy met him in Vegas, he has a great line. I respect your post and feel that you are doing the right thing.

Its done! Its over! tomorrow it goes into assignment.

Patrick, if you want I am sure you can probably get a good deal on those catalogs. I know they have something like 10,000 of them stacked to the cieling. Ha Ha I wonder what the paper is worth for recycling.

PL Thanks for the kind words.
For those that didn't know Peter personally like us lucky ones, he was a great guy. BUT, he was everything that LaMarsh was.

When you marry again, and your new wife has adult children... it's very hard to pass your genetics to those children.

I know that this business isn't really about the "gene pool" or is it.

To understand Peter, and moulding and the business and how weird "factoring" is in this unique business.. you would have to have spent summers at his knee, gone on long trips to shows in Italy, factories in China, Malaysia, Taiwan. You would have to get to know "Uncle" Guido, and "Uncle" Chow. You would have to spend the quiet hours communing with a "wall" of new samples.....

And only one person on this planet did that. And it wasn't anyone who ran his name and company and reputation into the ground.

That young man it the poster above me.

And I'm proud and honored to call him friend. Just like his grandfather.
Thanks Baer,

I never imagined that 5 years after leaving LaMarche moulding I would still have such an emotional attachment. This sucks. I wish it could have been saved.

at least I survived.

stay tuned!
Patrick: International is out of Georgia. They excel at copying mouldings and selling them for cheap, but you get what you pay for. They also operate a string of retail shops in the Atlanta area and just recently bought a bunch of retail stores in the Chicago area.

I look forward to hearing from you. I didn't have a lot of LM left on the wall, but I have been following your progress and am very interested in your business. I used to work for a family business, and there ain't no splain'n family dynamics in a business.

Please post your information and keep us updated

LaMarche Moulding deserved to be around for another hundred years. I can imagine that it was built to do just that. It is shocking how quickly it all came down.
I would have liked to see it last, but it was clear that under its management since Mr. LaMarche's passing that that was not going to happen. It broke my heart (and hurt my wallet) to not even be able to get the expensive moulding I had sold to eager customers.
Phillip, I see the familiar LaMarche spark in your line and I hope you are able sift through some of those ashes and find a glowing ember or two and add them to the flames you already have nurtured at Gryphon. I see this as an opportunity for you to make a BIG step or two...
You are only leaving the bad stuff behind, but taking the good stuff with you.

edie the formerlmcheerleader goddess
Philip it is and will always be in your blood. It was a family business and no matter how far ou are removed you will still feel for them. I am sure you would have been just as happy to see them turn it around and be a competitve company again. It is not only your loss, but all of ours. They will be missed.

It is business so wee will move on, but there will always be those stories, "Remember that one company with those small one of a kind type mouldings??? Oh yeah wasn't it Lam, no LaMarche..yeah that's it.""

Philip do your thing and be proud of who you are and who you are related too. I think from your designs and ideas you want to go far into the future. To quote a song..."You can do what you want the opportunity is is on!" Cat Stevens Ding Out!


I just took a look at your web site. I liked what I saw. I have been VERY firm about not adding more lines (currently at 5), but I did request a catalog. Who knows, maybe?

Do you have a rep in New England?
It is a sad day in the industry, yet it is a relief to know that your blood pressure and anxiety problems will gradually subside when you no longer have to pick up the phone and call La Marche.

Phil, how does it feel to know that the eyes of the framing industry are on you today? Certainly no one wants you to over extend yourself, but everyone is hoping you'll be able to provide the product they love. It is exciting to think of the fabulous opportunities for you to easily build your business.
To all of you who stayed loyal to L.M. thank you...remember that the employees...or former employees that is...had the customers best interests at heart...and that they were only doing as instructed by the "executives"...we will all miss what L.M. once WAS...and wish the best of luck to all of you...including Phil...it was a pleasure for all of us to work with you all...even the tough ones...RIP LaMarche
Good job, Phil.
My heart is filled with sadness to see this once GREAT company and industry leader shattered and auctioned off into little pieces. I had the great honor of working with Peter La Marche and never imagined I would fill as sad as I did the day he passed away. He taught me many life lessons in the brief years I got to work with him. Lessons that I use even now and I am grateful to him and the company for helping me grow as a person. I only wish the best for everyone involved.
Recent delivery and stock problems aside, I always did admire LaMarche's designs and quality. I'll truly miss being able to take one of those beautiful corner samples off the wall to show a client. Sorry Philip.
Gee Seth, why the tears [beyond the obvious]?

There is a bright side.

We have been in the game . . . well, quit a while...

Philip, on the other hand.. with decades of knowledge and experience at his grandfathers knee... has basically just started shaving...and hasn't quit been able to give up toys yet... :D


So as I see it.. long after we're older than Bob Vance... Philip will just be kicken it into high gear. :D
Ha Ha ... I thought you told me you lost that photo Baer. Oh yeah! remeber that lunch I promised you.. I hope you like Taco Bell...just kiddin
Baer I didn't know those pocket bikes HAD a higher gear!

Wear your helmet young man, even from one of those little bikes you can get a nasty head injury.
Originally posted by Baer Charlton:
Bob, that is how he gets around his plant.

Not an ilegal plant I hope! (RUMOR alert!)

I'd hate to slam into the end of a Morso at that height! Never mind a joiner, lathe or forklift. But I'm sure there's a OSHA rule covering this type of plant floor conveyance!

Does the bike make that tell tale beeping sound when it backs up? maybe for safety you could outfit it with these air horns!
I think I was one of the first on TG to predict the fall of La Marche. The problems started a few months before Peters death. We tossed all of our samples about a month or two or three after the pretend grandchildren took over. We replaced our La Marche samples with Gryphon's at that time.

It is not rocket science to see when a company has no leadership or direction whatsoever. The writing has been on the wall for a long time.

The whole thing just pisses me off. A man spends his entire life building a great company, only to have it all thrown in the garbage by a bunch of idiots. What a shame.

The only saving grace to this whole fiasco is Philip La Marche, I hope he makes his granddaddy proud. Wish Peter had seen it before he turned control of his company over to the clowns.