Quick Test - Pricing Bella Moulding

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Nov 5, 1997
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Quick little survey for those that use FrameReady, Specialty Soft, LifeSaver, Fullcalc or FerenSoft....

Please pull up from your software the current length price and chop price of Bella Moulding No. 618650.

Simply reply back with L=? C=? and POS=?


I'll get back to you with the rest of the story.

L= 2.18 C= 3.27 J= 4.58 (Specialty Soft)

erm, the pricelist I received TODAY is noticably different.

I'll wait patiently for the rest of the story.

The last time we received a Bella update was 3/2/05.
The rest of the story...

Meghan -- Prices are notably different. The pricelist I received from Vicki Schober (Bella distributor who sells at the same price structure.) reflect a L=$2.42 and C=$3.64 and a quick phone call to Bella confirmed these higher prices.

Mike -- your LifeSaver "Update" parallels my Specialty Soft update of 2/25/05. Of course these are updates, but I understand that this price increase may have been effective since September. :eek: This means that perhaps the prices did increase with an update then, but fell back down again with some bad data. :confused:

I'm waiting for another response (Email or phone call) back from Bella, but it appears that somewhere along the line, they are supplying the POS folk with an outdated pricing structure.

Jerry -- It appears that all three of the major POS players are being feed the same bad data.

Well, much to Bella Mouldings' credit, I've already recieved a phone call from Ren Battle, and as I suspected, they had a little glitch...

Their last moulding update was issued on 2/18/05 which corresponds to the Specialty Soft date of 2/25/05 and the LifeSaver & FrameReady dates of 3/02/05. In that update, the database reverted to 2003 prices and not 2004 prices. :( It happens to the best of 'em.

They will obviously be sending out updates to all software vendors today and tomorrow! So for those who use Bella, look for an update next week sometime.

Thanks everyone for your support.

John: just an update

Bella transmitted the changes about 15 minutes ago. Ren certainly is on the ball.

Thanks for catching this one and bringing it to their attention.