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Quick question about Crescent's paper mats


CGF, Certified Grumble Framer
Jul 20, 2005
hello all, Newbie here...

Do the "Crescent Paper Mats" have an off white core? If so, when you have your samples, do you usually carry two of the same color with different cores? or will you just let the customer know if they want it in bright white you could order that for them?

How many of you carry the Moorman Fabric suedes and linens? Do you sell many of these? and do these specific mats have bright white cores?
I show the rag/alpha samples and let them know that, if they want the paper mat with the off-white core I can order it and they can pay for the full sheet.

The suedes sell well-enough to stock two-thirds of them and yes, they have the bright white core and are alpha-cellulose. I don't use a lot of linens.

Don't get too hung up on the color of the core. It's the content that counts. Some of the very nicest mats are the solid rags that are the same color clear through.

The Cresecnt Antiquities have a core that is intentionally creamy to use with papers that aren't bright white. Sometimes the white core is distracting.
Crescent paper mats do have an off-white core (which becomes even more off-white as time goes by due to natural discoloration). Within their paper mat line they also have "brite whites" which have a brighter core, but will also discolor over time. Both of these varieties are acid free (buffered) but are not conservation quality.

The Crescent Select line is a totally different color range with separate samples and is white core, acid free and lignin free and is considered a conservation board.

In my opinion, you should never use paper mats unless you are matching an old frame job. Even then, the likelyhood of the new board matching the old color is remote as fading of the old board changes the color over time anyway.

I keep my paper mat samples under the counter and rarely, if ever, bring them out for any reason.

I sell quite a bit of the Moorman line and also hand wrap mats and liners with fabric. Great upsell and gives the piece a real custom famed look. You are unlimited in your offerings when you wrap your own also.

Keep in mind that not all the Moorman line is conservation quality. You would need to put in barrier paper or use as a top mat only to protect artwork.

Dave Makielski
There are so many choices that you need to decide what direction you plan to go. I do not have any paper mat samples in my shop. I stock 5 Crescent SRM mat colors for the college art students for price only(black, whites and grays). I do have the linens and suedes and they do very well when I show them. I just can't justify using paper mats when I want to sell a quality product. Welcome to the Grumble!
Crescent does have the International Whites from the old Tru Vue line also. I personally would not show any paper mats. Trends are moving away from paper mats unless you are an OEM framer that only deals in price.
I discontinued using any paper mats about 10 years ago. The Crescent Select would be a good line to carry as well as Cresent Ray and Bainbridge Alphamat. True Vue also has an archival line. The benefit of True Vue is their mats all come in 40x60 when you need an oversized mat.

I dislike the fact that papermats fade and discolor. Dark colors tend to fade fairly quickly, too.