Farm Girl

Mar 19, 2002
Centreville, Va. 20120
Sorry to do this to ya'll but I have a puzzle question. I know how everyone hates puzzles. Customer brought in 2 puzzles done as a marketing tool for their company. Puzzle is kept together with tape on the back. No glue. Looks like some type of wide packing tape. I don't trust this tape to hold the puzzle together although it seems adhered adequately for now. How do I mount the thing? Spray mount will probably not adhere to the tape, do you think? Can I modge podge on the front? Laminate it?
Y'all could laminate the front and then peel the tape offa the back and then mount to yer usual substrate. I think that would work - and you are probably right to not trust the tape!

Have fun!
I've lost count of the # of puzzles we've laminated. It's like there's a whole sub-culture of puzzle(ists)(?) out there and the word is out that we frame them. We use Drytac Mediashield in our vaccum press which gives it a great look. The laminate gets pulled down into the grooves of the pieces for a distinct "puzzle" look that's UV protected.

No one else in the area does this.
There is also a liquid sold in puzzle stores that you basically pour over the puzzle and it adheres the puzzle together from the front. I believe it is probably just a thinned acrylic medium...kind of a decoupage effect.

I just did two large puzzles where the customer barely glued the puzzle to shirt cardboard in several segments...talk about a nightmare! Had to trim the excess board away and they were irregularly shaped animals (dolphin and lion...oversize). Fortunatley the customer wanted the puzzles against the glass so I didn't have to do much after the trimming. I spray glued them to oversize mat board and framed them. Strangely, customer didn't care about conservation methods, said they'd only be used a few years, but wanted CRC glass.

I also used a marker to colorize the edges of the puzzle so the chip board and shirt cardboard didn't show.

Dave Makielski

"Ours is not to reason why, ours is but to frame or starve"
I am with Allen, we drymount them all of the time.