Puzzle - Wizard?

Cliff Wilson

SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer
Industry Vendor
May 14, 2002
Worcester, MA
Hi all,

I have a puzzle. No, a real one.

We are using the Crescent yellow core with black. I thought it would be eay to find a v-groove, or an opening that would give me a nice look around the following piece. Nothing in my system will work and since I have the jr. rental program I do not have the CAD program. I do have a Wizard 8000 though. Here's the piece sitting on a black foam that is the size of the frame we are trying to fit. The mat design and size are to fit in with a collection that will be on the wall with this piece. Anyone have anything??


Size is 13 x 5 tip to edge of puzzle.
16 3/4 x 12 1/4 Outside
Cliff -
Could you duplicate or simulate the "smiley face" in one corner of the mat incorporated w/ a v-groove using your wizard jr?
As tempting as it would be to do a jigsaw design, I think that may be a little much.

Perhaps cut a mat with a window about an inch around the piece, and lift it a bit.

If you do want to do something complicated, how about buying a cheap puzzle with small pieces, painting some pieces to match the yellow, and mounting them on the mat?

Something else that would be fun, if you had the patience for it, would be to put a puzzle together, remove pieces in the middle to make an opening, glue it, paint it black, and use that for a mat.

Seal the "mat" all over with matte finish acrylic to keep the the package archival.
I'm sure you've already considered this idea and discarded it, but my preference would be for a simple rectangular mat opening.

The piece already has alot of shape; I'd opt for framing that would not compete with it. Make the mat opening big enough to be equidistant from the straight edges of the puzzle pieces while leaving plenty of room for the tabs.

I'm confused by the numbers. I get 1.875" on the sides and 3.625" top and bottom. Is that right?

Whatever you decide to do...


... no bunny-shaped mats, even though it is almost Easter.