Push center into glazing more


SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer
Feb 14, 2004
Nicholasville, KY
Little issue:
I have a 30 x 30 picture.
Double mat, mat board mounting board, 3/16 fc as filler...and that is all the room I have in the frame to work with.

It is noticable that the center is falling back away from the glass.

Any simple tricks out there that may work to push this back in the middle?
Steven -
Some foamcore does not have enough "stiffness" to it and will tend to bow out - you might consider replacing it w/ "GatorBoard" or archival coroplast.
Another way is to replace with a new flat sheet of foamboard and then run a strap down the middle to prevent future bowing.
....I know in this case foam core is not stiff enough....I can not get coroplast anywhere aroudn where I live.

I tried something. I took a square peice of mat board (about 20 x 20) and put it in the center via a little ATG. Put the foam core back in and also backed off a little pressure on the points.

Seemed to do the trick
Albin makes an interesting suite of products for this purpose. United used to carry them and probably still does.

You can pretty well count on the ATG letting go sooner or later and the matboard square going "thunk" when it reaches the bottom of the frame.

(I don't remember if I've always been so negative or if I really do know, from personal experience, what DOESN'T work.)
Ron, I will look it up. Thanks.

As for the ATG letting go...yep...should have mentioned that I did a few strips of linen tape around it as well. Nothing too much but I dont think it will be going anywhere.
I know of a few shops who do this regularly- that is, stick the fallout of the mat onto the back of the backer. They call it a 'patch.'

I think a few spots of white glue (in addition to the atg) will hold it solidly once it dries.

For some reason, I don't have that problem in my shop. I don't know why, but maybe one day I'll figure it out.

edie the itsmagic goddess
Try taking the foam core and your water spray bottle and lightly mist the one side of the foam board when it dries it will shrink and cause the foam board to bow. It is the same principal as counter mounting except you are only affecting one side to achieve an in most cases a bad result but in this case the in ward pressure you want!~ Experiment too much mist it bows too much too little and it hardly moves. Make sure you let it dry a day before putting it back in frame!~
Usually when I get a bow in the FC like that I can trace it to "points too tight" over "gapped" matboard.

Especially if you're hand cutting the double mat. You will cut the outside demensions smaller on the second mat.

Then, if you press down on the points, the backing and filler boards are "forced" down on the edges and bow back. Try not pushing down when securing the points!
On the other hand, why not leave the space, knowing that the backing board may move toward the
glazing, in the future?

"too shallow of a frame"

for points? ok, use 2mm glass instead of 2.5mm and/or use a thinner backing board like 4mm coroplast instead of the 3/16 FC. That would give you the room to put the points in correctly. You don't want them in too tight anyway, or they will pinch everything and inhibit the natural expansion and contraction.