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Proud parents of a Wizard

Sherry Lee

SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer
Jun 25, 2002
Phoenix, Az.
For those that are interested, it took about 2 hours to unpack and put the machine together and less than 30 minutes to cut our first mat! And it was flawless! Note: this was all done without one call for tech help. The instruction manuals are very complete.

So far, we are very happy with the product and looking forward to learning more.

Oh, did I say the V-Groove is nothing less than "Groovy"? Done in seconds!

Thanks to you all for your guidance. Many of you gave us great input and Bob Carter (& team) provided a wonderful demonstration that was quite helpful.
The Wizard is one of the few things that I unpacked, hooked up, and the dang thing worked. Its that simple. It just worked. I have had very little problems out of it sence.

However I'm still have some problems with one corner of a cut cutting crooked. Call me again guys.
Congratulations on the new arrival. The baby's "uncle", Nick said some of the instructions are better done in person and anytime around lunch time, he is available for "personal" tutoring.

Sounds like a record delivery time, too. Boy, it must be nice to have powerful friends like that. Did you promise to name the next born after Edd?

Now, start making some money with this bad boy
So, if "Uncle" Nick is "Uncle" Nick, does this make you "Grampa" Bob??? :eek:

I'm glad Uncle Nick's offer still stands. We will definately call if needed. Right now I just have to find a place for all the things we moved to house this new 'baby' and catch up on orders. And I will keep in mind the important factor, "lunch"! :D No Luby's here, only MiMi's :rolleyes: