promotion options


CGF, Certified Grumble Framer
Jul 16, 2002
Wadsworth, Oh
Does anyone have some ideas for promotions to bring in business that has worked well for them? I'm home based so it is hard to get the word out there but I have had a few things that have worked. I also work part time for a bigger frame shop and see some of the ideas he has used. Some have worked but some haven't. To share a few ideas we have used, that work well. We take the unused moulding and frame business cards for other businesses (5 X 6 1/2 frame). This has brought in some new customers. I take the local free paper and frame up the articles that they do on local businesses then hand deliver them. Asking them to please display it for a month with my card on the front of the picture. That picks up a few more customers and sometimes if you there at the right time you may pick up a piece to frame. Any one else have some ideas on things like these?
Every town has a High School and every senior at that High School has Senior Protraits! Either contact the photographers and see if you can do a framing package with them, or go directly to the High School.

Good luck and Happy Framing