Problem with Sander


SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer
Feb 14, 2004
Nicholasville, KY
I have had my united sander for a few weeks and I am still learning to use it, but I love it.

One problem I am having though. The top / face of the moulding is going together perfect, but the bottom has a gap.

Any suggestions?
Overall tips?
Call United, ask for Peter Ackermann.

Last week he claimed that only a few of their sanders had a "problem". You may have one of the ones that is in need of realignment.

BTW if your sander doesn't need help, he will still be able to help you out with info on how to use the machine properly.
That doesn't sound like a wheel problem. It sounds more like a miter problem.

Try pencil marking the entire miter BEFORE you sand. Then, sand until the top looks correct. Check to see if the bottom pencil is removed. If not, it may be a problem with the way you are cutting the miter. If the pencil is removed, then it could be the sander or the way you are operating it. I am having trouble seeing how the top can be good and the bottom not if the entire surface is sanded?

Let us know the results of that experiment and we may be able to help more.
I will try to get ahold of Peter tomorrow or Monday.

What makes me wonder is this:
You can turn the wheel against the moulding and the wheel will only hit for perhaps 1/4 of the total revolution. Its almost like it is sanding at a vertical angle that is not straight up and down.

****Note: I like my sander
I order chops and it will be a great tool. It already saved one frame that I would have had to send back. Just a little issue which I am more than willing to work out****
Cliff, I tried the pencil thing. I did that on the first mitre I tried to sand. I had read your post doing research before I bought it.
All pencil marks go bye bye, but the bottom ones go last.
"can turn the wheel against the moulding and the wheel will only hit for perhaps 1/4 of the total revolution"

ok, call Peter, sounds like your wheel is warped.