Printing and framing

Lance E

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Oct 31, 1999
Hamilton, New Zealand
Heres a wee combination of large format printing on the matboard...
Hi Lance,
Excellent work, I really like that. I sublease along side a printer and he is thinking about buying a large format digital printer and I think now, I'm going to start telling instead of hinting to buy one. The things I could be doing on there and only paying for the ink and mat board. hahaha
again fantastic job
Nice job Lance,

Can you email me a couple of printed mats by friday???
Let me know what you're after and I'll get them to you.

Very nice job!! When you and I were talking earlier this morning I had no clue what you were aiming at with the kwestions about large format printers!!

Did your printer feed the matboard through with no problems? I didn't know that you could feed such a thick board through the drive mechanism of a large format printer. I'll have to check with the guy I was telling you about to see if he wants to experiment with some scrap mats and see if this is a new opportunity for me.

Thanks for the photo.


P.S. And I won't tell Ormond what you said about the Aussies!! :cool:
Framerguy, you have gotten far too used to the fact that I cannot normally be understood. If you don't them what I said I wont tell them what you said, fair deal.

This is printed on an Epson 7600 [the earlier models will not handle this board] and was very easy to set up, when you save the mat cutting file it also saves a "Preview" emf format file which can be opened into Corel then export to PS to use for kwick and easy alignment. (alternately a screenshot works well also) Also you can put colour fill adjustment layers etc to gain the appearance of the printed job for soft proofing.

Whilst putting graphics on the board is not so common, typesets for team photos has loads of potential.
Lance what mat board are you running through the 7600. Is it a coated board or just regular framing supply?
Bainbridge Vellum surface boards, I have found some to be great and some not so great (i.e. 8464v the ink runs everywhere). It's not too much hassle to make (copy and edit) a profile for them.
What was that you said about Kiwi's the other day? was nothing Lance!