printer choice


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Dec 31, 2001
New York's Hudson River Valley
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I'm looking to replace my printer at the sales counter. It is a Brother laser printer. I like the output quality, but it is SLOW.

What type of printer do you all use? Is laser or inkjet best? What do you like/dislike about the one you use? What will be your next one?

I'm not afraid to spend $400-500 US and what about all-in-one's with copt/fax/etc . . . ?
I bought a HP Officejet G85 for $499.00 about 6 months ago and it's been fantastic! I now see them for $399.00 at Staples type stores. It faxes in B&W and Color, copies in B&W and Color and you can scan with it too. I forget what the PPM ("page per minute") #'s are, but it seeems to be plenty fast enough. Check it out.
If you do much printing, and don't NEED color, laser printers are absolutely the way to go. Both for speed and TCO. Inkjet cartridges are painfully expensive.

In fact, even if you do need color occasionally you're probably better off using a laser printer for your everyday stuff and a color inkjet for your color.

All-in-ones are good if you buy a reliable one (like HP). We have an HP 3100 which is a laser printer/fax/copier/scanner. It has been very reliable, and has virtually zero warm-up time (the bane of traditional laser printers), and prints at about 6PPM. For our main prnting needs we use a Lexmark Optra S1620 laser printer that prints at 16PPM and have been extremely happy with it. For color we have an old Lexmark 3200.
We use a Brother laser printer all-in-one unit at our front counter. It does regular printing, faxes, computer faxing, and copies. It's fast, and so far has been very efficient. I have 2 of these in another business that I own(last year's model), and they've been going well for a couple years without incident. As long as it's a laser, you'll get crisp and cost effective prints. If you go with this model, I recommend the high capacity toner carts. They last about 3-6 months each under normal use.
We use a Brother 1240 under the front counter and have had no problems with it at all. We set it to print 300 dpi and 50% toner savings. A toner cartridge lasts a really long time. POS output is not critical enough to justify the 600 dpi and 100% toner usage.

It took us less than a week to realize that most inkjet printers that use computer RAM rather than printer RAM are slow as molasses if the output comes at all.