Print Weights


CGF, Certified Grumble Framer
Dec 3, 2004
Anyone know of a place to purchase the bean bag weights that are used for holding down prints? I know they can be made, but just curious if there is a supplier out there that I could obtain some from. Happy Holidays!
I think Larson-Juhl has them, but it’ll cost ya! You’ll end up paying them to advertise their logo in your shop.

Save a bunch of money. Buy some kids socks and a pound or two of BBs at a hardware or sports store. Fill up the socks and knot the ankles. It’ll cost you about 1/5 of what L-J will charge you.
We use Beanie Babies.......Cocker Spaniel Beanie Babies, to be exact!

I keep them in a Zip Loc bag when not in use to keep them clean!

Customers really enjoy it when I pull them out!!
The LJ leather ones are very nice looking but after having a baby use one as a teething device I decided I could do better. I have been collecting really cool glass paperweights. Ones with seashells and such on the inside. The coolest one I have is one of the Royal Gorge bridge here in Colorado. They look really cool lined up at the table when they aren't in use too. I've picked them up from antique stores and on Ebay. Gotta make sure you cover them with felt on the bottom to protect the art they sit on.

I'd like to eventually get some new ones that I can put my own stuff into. Wouldn't it look cool to put your store logo into them? Yes it would, I say!
TruVue gave 'em away at the NY show a year or so ago (the good leather ones...we glommed eight of 'em) ... ya might whimper and beg ... always a good ploy...
lj gave me mine - I asked!
Go to any of the trade shows. I picked up 8 of them for free atthe NY Decor Expo last year.
Whoops!! Didn't read FramingFool's post before I made mine. I also used glass paperweights before I got mine. Being a partner in an antique store we always have a bunch around.
Originally posted by Emibub:
I'd like to eventually get some new ones that I can put my own stuff into. Wouldn't it look cool to put your store logo into them? Yes it would, I say!
Kathy, I had a local glass blower blow my logo into my glass weights. Looks really cool. One big air bubble right in the middle.

I always wondered how she knew I was an "air-head"

Actually I'm working with the glass lady about ho to put the logo into a weight. She knows there is a way because we have seen one.

For now it's old silk lizards full of chilled shot. :D
Any weight that will be used directly on top of
art should be faced with clean rag board. One
can fold a small trough shape, 1"X 3" on the bottom, out of two ply and fill it with bird shot
mixed with PVA. When the glue is finally dry,
this can be covered with more rag to dress it up
and a detachable piece of board can be stuck to
the bottom. This bottom plate can be changed,
when it becomes sullied.

Thanks for all of the excellent ideas. If anyone has some LJ circle ones that they no longer use, let me know. I just might buy them from you. I will check with TruVue also. Thanks again.
Bill, I am with you. Tube socks are cotton and will go through the laundry when soiled. I however use sand in double zip lock bags on the inside.

The advantage of any bag style weight (leather or fabric) is that there is no sharp sides to puncture the art that might accidently slip out of ones hands.
Another method is a 2" wide strip of matboard laminated to a 2" strip of Coroplast, using double sided tape.

Burnish down the ridged edges of the matboard.

That gives even support along the length of the artwork (especially curled ones)and one can use any of the above weights to keep things in place.

As Hugh says, matboard touching the art is much safer than any type of weight, and its easily replaced when it gets dirty.

Infant or childrens mittens filled with BBs makes for a nice touch during the holidays. I would recommend sewing the BBs in. They are a pain to pick up if you dont.