Pricing V-Grooves


CGF II, Certified Grumble Framer Level 2
Feb 23, 2004
Kennebunk, Maine
The last shop I worked for had no pricing structure for regular v-grooves, purely because they never did them. In my shop, I price them by the linear inch. I'd like to compare my price with other framers. I feel like I'm giving them away at 10 cents per linear inch and the wide v-grooves are priced at 20 cents. So a 16x20 regular v-groove would be $7.20. I'd also like to feel out your pricing for wide v-grooves.

I know I have to consider the cost of the extra time, extra tape and blades... but I'm still having a hard time putting a price tag on these.
We charge the price of two extra openings after all that is all a v groove is.
We use a sliding scale, based on UI, which ranges from $7(1 UI) to $20(144 UI).

Our POS automatically calculates the price based on the size of the mat, using the pre-defined UI table.

This is a great question and might make an interesting future poll.

Hmmm, looks like I'm low. My POS has options, and I chose to use UI. I have been charging 10 cents a UI. For open v-Grooves, I charge the same as one extra opening. My "Extra Opening" charge includes "extra for mounting" for that opening, so I figure that covers the extra cut.

Mike, A poll might be interesting, but how do you accomodate the different pricing schemes and prices with in the schemes?
It's always a challenge when creating the polls. It's like "herding kitten"

I have a Wizard so V-grooves are a piece of cake. I charge a flat $10.00 each. Some of my customers order 3 to 4 and always want fancy corner designs on each. Then others react to the $10 quote like you slapped their mother. So ten bucks each must be about right.
No extra charge for ONE v-groove (rarely more than one v-groove on a single mat)or what I call "basic" corner designs...