pricing for Bendix-Juhl


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Dec 31, 2001
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Yeah, I got the new price list in the mail, all 3 pages of it.

Now I keep checking for a LifeSaver update when I log on. Nothing.

I send a note the them. They passed on the response they got from Larson:
As of today we are not going to put the Bendix items in our database. This has been in discussion but a final word has not been given. If you are receiving calls please tell them Larson-Juhl is not activating those items for the website.
What do you make of this? Does the decision to (maybe) not include the pricing in the main stream of the industry indicate the motive behind buying (and the future of) this brand?
Hi Eric

It probably just means they haven't merged their databases yet and converted them over to have the L identifier. My guess is that they're still using the Bendix distribution warehouse/staff/software.

Converting is likely a big deal, and may result in some new item numbers and/or names. (in the case where two have the same ID, etc) There are call center issues, new warehouse software and training issues, data connectivity and equipment issues, distribution, etc. I'm sure it takes time and planning.

They're still available with their regular Bendix prefix and item numbers, until all this happens.

I'm just guessing here....

I thought that I was the only one who wanted the Bendix #'S in my computer. I added the list from Bendix until it is included with LJ's list. For Specialty Soft the code is "BM." For some reason, only about half of the samples that I have come up. My LJ rep watched as I did this and had no explanation for me. She did get me a hard copy of the Bendix pricing to refer to if a moulding # did not work. According to my rep, they are working on getting the #'s into LJ's database.

Gosh Mike, you are so nice! You would have a point there, except . . .

All the inventory is in Larson's Philly location. When you call the new phone number on the Bendix price page you get "Hello, Larson-Juhl . . . "

The new price page uses the old Bendix numbers with a "BD" added to the front. The old prefix in LS was "BX" added to their number.

And they have their system up and running, its all in that one location only. In fact you call the orders into Philly, not the central customer service.

This transfer is so totally done by now, there are new framers that never knew Bendix wasn't always a part of Larson. ;)

only about half of the samples that I have come up.
Sue, thats 'cause they discontinued maybe 2/3 of the old line. IMHO, most of the line needed to go 15 years ago. They did/do have a few unique designs that stayed in fashion and this shop has offered for 20+ years.
I never sold Bendix before, but I am now giving it a try since LJ is distributing it from Philly (just a few miles down the road.) Are you happy with the quality of the moulding? Do you have any favorites? Anything to stay away from?

Sue, you raise an interesting question in my mind. I really don't know if you should start to carry the line.

I wonder where the line will end up.
I've got to add my two cents worth here. I really like Larson Juhl but I've been through two buy outs with them - AMFM in Huntsville, AL and DeCastro in New Orleans. They said they were going to keep the mouldings that they didn't immediately discontinue. They had them for a couple months, then they were gone. There isn't one moulding from either company left. Don't get too attached to any of the Bendix line!
I pulled all my Bendix after this happened.

This time next year there won't be anything left of their line.

If Bendix took their customer service seriously they might not have ended up losing half the company. (They still do some structural moulding components)

I really would not bother to start carrying them now. The good ones will be absorbed and morphed into a Larson product and the other 99% is on a boat to somewhere by now.

Pay attention LaMarche!
Why would LJ have gone to the trouble of showing and then making the samples for me if the moulding was not going to stick around for a while? I realize that this happened with Eastern, but now a few years later I realize that some of that moulding was on it's way out even if they weren't bought by LJ.

Even if the quality of Bendix isn't like some other companies that I carry, I know that LJ will get me my order in a timely fashion and call me if it is out of stock. They always go out of their way to make sure that problems are solved.

Larson Juhl is great to work with but business is business and you can be sure that they're minding theirs! They just can't throw away thousands of feet of moulding, can they? The fellow framers' posts here are sincere and experienced. They're honestly trying to help you but ultimately the choice is yours. Good luck. :(