Pricing closed corner frames in Lifesaver


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Dec 11, 2001
Knoxville TN
Just received my samples from AWC on their closed corner frames. They range in retail price from about $45 to $125/ft and AWC labelled them on the back with the retail. Very professional job.

Now--how do I enter these in Lifesaver? How do I make my framing calculations using this software? Or do I use it at all and simplydo the calculations on a calculator?

Anyone using both closed corner frames and Lifesaver, I'd love to hear an answer.
Took a stupid pill apparently on the last post. Figured it out. Just enter the AMCI code, put in the pricing per foot and add 1X markup. Voila. easy

Are you saying that AWC is telling you what you should charge?
Originally posted by lessafinger:

Are you saying that AWC is telling you what you should charge?
I would say that, if the charge printed on the retail tag that they supplied is a fair one, that simply saves having to figure things out.

Aren't you sort of doing the same thing with your pricing of matboards, Less? You are using somebody else's figures (L/J's) to calculate your mats.

Hey, if somebody wants to do that part of the work for me and it comes pretty close to what I want to charge anyway, I say knock yourself out!!

Hi Framerguy,

All of your points are valid. A few companies will even put your markup on the samples. I just don't like it when they print what they think you should charge. This post struck a cord with me because I just received samples from a local supplier with their retail price on them. I guess it is not much different than following a vendors "suggested retail price schedule".

Its the cumulative affect that bothers me. Buy joins...use this markup...let us cut your that.

I am as guilty as anyone else at following a vendors suggested price. If we understand how to make a good profit and the price schedule works - then fine. But, I think the danger is all of these recommendations are not designed to help our bottom line.
Ditto, Less. If the pre-marked price is the same as what you would have calculated for your own price then by all means stick with it.
If however the pre-marked price is not the same as yours then don't use it. And I mean within a reasonable difference.
As for finished corner frames don't forget to include shipping costs in the frame price. On larger frames it is substantial.
Something else that you have to be careful of is upcharges that finished corner frame suppliers may add. I don't know about AWC but for instance there are a couple of finished corner suppliers that I do business with that have increased chanrges when you reach a certain footage of moulding used.