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Price of New Morso Chopper


Grumbler in Training
Dec 21, 2004
New York
Anyone know what the typical price is for a new Morso Chopper (no website will give a price)? I am trying to narrow down my purchase and here are my options:

-Morso second Hand $2150 six months old, 1 hour drive to pick up

-FramingSupplies.com Branded Chopper $1,495 (must be delivered)

-Jayden Used Chopper ($995, it will be on it's 3rd owner but appears in good cndition with 6 extra blades). However, I will have to drive 4 hours to pick it up.

What would some of you do?
Grab the Jayden they are just about indestructible.......my friend in Ireland has one which is about 25+ years old and still works perfectly.

If the blades are OK take them also, they would cost you at least $150 to $200 a pair for new ones…

You have a steal on your hands.

Good luck.
Where in NY are you? Are you near Hauppage? Call Decor or call United they both have good prices.

Ask about "Show Specials" with United and Decor as they both do the shows.
I agree with Dermot. My Jyden is at least 30 years old now, and it's just a baby. That's a great price, and well worth the drive. (Make a mini-vacation out of it.)
Thanks for avdvice. I just purchased the Jyden, and I'm picking it up Monday.

I'll be back on soon again asking for advice on operating it.

This place is awesome!
I would go for the Jyden. A Jyden although virtually identical to the Morso has been out of business for about 10 years. Most parts are interchangable and the major parts like blades and rabbet supports can be bought from a Morso dealer if required.

This unit new would probably have sold for about $1,800 US when last available and even with inflation etc I would do some haggling reminding the seller it is not longer being manufactured, a little known fact by most framers.