CGF, Certified Grumble Framer
Dec 3, 2004
I am currently using a Seal 210 press for dry mounting. It works great, but I am thinking of upgrading to something a bit bigger. Is the 500TX the route to go, or is there something that would be a little bigger but not weigh so much and still work well for a small shop? Maybe a vaccum press? Any thoughts appreciated.
Ditto what Jerome said - we've had a 500T for 15+ years - real work horse - keep the platen clean & you'll have no problems.
Ditto on the "keep the platen clean"
Originally posted by Baer Charlton:
Ditto on the "keep the platen clean"
How do you guys clean it after it gets "dirty"? I just got a 210 after years of using a cold press. Used to clean the overspray off the glass with a used mat blade, but how do you clean the heat press?

Is it like a self cleaning oven? Should I crank the heat and leave it all night?
(Would my shop be there the next day?!)
Ditto on Keep the Platen Clean. I know it sounds like a smart *** answer, but... Seal Platen Cleaner. It's probably sold under a Seal/Hunt/Bienfang/Elmers label now. It has an almost identical smell and appearance of the "old fashioned" GO-JO but sold in a 2 oz container. The white, creamy version waterless handcleaner without any grit.

Take one of the hinge bolts out of each side and flip the platen over on its back for easy cleaning access.
What ever you do ..... DO NOT use a blade on the platen to clean anything off!!!! Any scratch that you make in the teflon coating will telegraph itself onto the piece! Should you have a press that has had some damage to the platen, use release boards rather than release paper to eliminate any possibilty of the marks transfering onto the artwork.