Pre WWII ChrisCraft Flag


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Jun 11, 2004
Edwardsburg, MI
I'm framing a pre WWII stern flag from old woody ChristCraft. The flag is in fairly deteriated condition and is threadbear in some areas and has small patches missing. It is red, white and blue, but is not, I believe, any kind of flag that needs traditional treatment customary for an American Flag.

I was planning on sewing it to a rag board using thin cotton dirty red, dirty white and dirty blue thread to match the flag colors and maybe sneaking in some Microtech fasteners along the top and perimeter. I may need to use minute amounts of Frank's Fabulous Fabric Adhesive (my name for it)where there is not enough body left to support sewing. The flag is fairly small (around 9"X13") and light weight. I was going to leave a border of the board around the flag, mount the board to AF fom-cor and use spacers to create a shallow shadowbox.

I've searched "old flags" for other threads related to framing an old flag, but didn't find anything directly related to a flag in this condition. Do any of my fellow Grumblers have any thoughts???

I know someone might suggest encapsulation. I've never done encapsulation and don't know if it's practical in this case. I guess if that is the treatment of choice, it is high time I learn how to encapsulate and with what materials, etc. Any help with educating the ignorant (me) would be appreciated.

I welcome all comments, questions and even snide remarks!


Dave Makielski

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:eek: Heavens Dave, anyone who calls Frank's adhesive "Fabulous" is a grand person indeed; and should always be beyond any snide remarks.

Now with all the seriousness aside...

What a great flag. But I would stitch it down to a piece of linen or cotton then stretch (gently) the supporting fabric. The tooth of the fabrics will help support the flag. And if you have to, of course, sneak in those ever so tiny dots of adhesive, with the tip of a pin or needle.

I've been working on a design for a moulding specifically for ChrisCraft and other Tour d'Elegance mahogany boats.

We are perhaps 6 months or year away from bringing to market, but I might be able to help you if you want to email me direct.
If the fabric is fragile and will not support its own weight without damage, then don't try to sew it.

A variation of encapsulation may be best for this project. That is, use a fine-mesh fabric overlay, using Stabilitex (polyester) or Crepeline (French silk organdy). Both fabrics are available from Talas in NYC.

Prepare a sturdy mount board with an inch of "polyfill", spun polyester quilt batting, covered with a complimentary, washed, inert fabric.

Center the flag on it, and lay on the Stabilitex or Crepeline. Carefully turn the assembly upside-down on a clean tabletop, and secure the fine-mesh fabric's edges to the back of the baord all the way around. In the process, stretch the fabric a bit, to create slight tension on the batting.

The result will be a gentle pressure on the flag, between the overlay and the backing fabric. The batting, which adds a slight curvature to the finished mount, maintains the tension.

If you have time to wait, next month's PFM is supposed to have an illustrated, detailed-instructional article on exactly this mount.
Or you are welcome to call me for photos by email attachment.