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PPFA Northern Ohio Presents Brian Wolf June 11th 2006


SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer

In Memorium

Rest In Peace

Dec 7, 2001
PPFA Northern Ohio Presents
Brian Wolf on mat decoration
Hudson Holiday Inn

Rt 8 and Ohio Tpke Exit 12 (call 330-656-1252 for directions).

Sunday, June 11
10:00-12:00 and 1:00-4:00

(we’ll have coffee, sodas, and cookies, then pick a nearby spot for lunch, or you could bring your own)

$55 for the first person from each shop,
$25 for additional people from the same shop

RSVP - please call Stephanie 330-452-7337, or Carolyn 330-666-5758
It’s important to every frame shop's reputation that their work to be truly unique.  Matting is the most impressive and profitable avenue to achieve this.  The long tradition of mat decoration includes dozens of ideas, but the trick is to find the techniques that require little practice, take little time, and look beautiful.
Brian's slide show and demonstrations explain a number of these artistic touches step by step.  The emphasis is always on craftsmanship and timeless design.  These ideas and techniques are simple enough that you can take them back to your shop tomorrow and thrill your customers.
The morning will be the mat cutting side of mat decoration.  Not only will we show several useful cuts, we will show decorative paper techniques and bevel embellishments with an eye towards efficiency and precision. If you like, you will be able to try them and get a feel for the techniques.
In the afternoon we will present the artistic side of mat decoration.  Ink lines and painted panels may be the oldest techniques in matting, but you will be surprised how often you will use them no matter what style of art you're framing.  There will be time to try the tools. Bring your questions to ask the expert!

Read more about Brian Wolf.........http://www.wizardint.com/newsdetail.asp?ID=5
Wizard Seminar, Fri. June 9th. Contact  Jamie at Wizard 1-888-855-3335 for more info

PPFA Northern Ohio Presents
Brian Wolf on mat decoration
Sunday, June 11
10:00-12:00 and 1:00-4:00
Hudson Holiday Inn Rt 8 and Ohio Tpke Exit 12 (call 330-656-1252 for directions)

PPFA Northern Ohio
PO Box 1263
Bath, Ohio 44210

Take the CPF test here in Cleveland, on Sept 17, 1:00 - 4:00 pm Hudson Holiday Inn
call PPFA @1-800-762-9287 for details, or Stephanie @ 330-452-7337
Bah, I'll be in Vegas. Someone from here is going to the Wizard seminar though. Props on getting these seminars here, I hope they do really well.
Any one else planning on attending?
I just finished the Wizard work shop with Brain Wolf!~ If that workshop is an indication "which I am sure it is" of his presentation on matting This Sunday, it is a must see!`

I hope to see you all there Sunday!`
JPaul Gas here is $2.68 Hopefully the SBA will come thru for you. LOL
Originally posted by Framing Goddess:
Hey j, ride your bike! I'll meet you in Clyde!
Haven't you been watching the news? You want to stay out of Clyde, there are a whole lot of Cancer cases there, supposed to be starting an investigation for a possible source or common cause.

No joking, hope something can be done for those famlies.
I see Clyde has had more than its share of tragedy.

Hmmm, why do I think the 'officials' will decide that the unusually high numbers of children with cancer is a statistical coincidence? Okay, I'm a cynic.

I'll meet you there anyway, if you like, it's a nice ride from there to here.
Jpaul did not ride his bike LOL!~
But the nice weather and seeing you & your capt. on your tandem made me drive home and get my tandem out grap my co-pilot and went for a nice 25 mile cruise!~

The workshop was fantastic!~ Good turn out!~ Thank You Brain Wolf!~
Thank You Ohio PPFA members who took the time to try and advance your craft!~

The samples were fantastic as to be expected from Him!~ The tips on mat decoration and how to quicken the techniques invaluable!~ Oh yes, that is not to mention the pricing tips he gave us.
Then after lunch the info / demostration on french lines an hand carved mats. Also the little peek at how the wizard cuts " KilGary Mat " a changed color panel inlay with a closed v-groove. Of course he cut this by hand first!~ So slick he is!~ Oh of course the slid show of samples was inspirational to say the least!~
For those who attended (or did not attend) & want more of Brain's info he has a book or two sold by www.ColumbaPublishing.com and also available from PPFA.
Also The Ohio PPFA Chapter has a lending library Contact Stephanie her # is in the first post!~
Did I mention the short after meeting social/ Thank you Vivian Kistler for hosting that!~

Anyone have suggestions on what they woul dlike see as a workshop or lecture topic let us know!~
This was a very nice presentation. Even though I did stroll in late... (it was a day made for cycling, I admit...)

Brian has a very creative and lighthearted way of presenting his work and how-tos in ways that make it suitable for beginners on up to semi-experts. Seeing these techniques and ideas demonstrated sure are a welcome kick in the creative trousers.

I plan to get really good at mat carving. Look out everybody!

Jim, it was such a nice ride on the tandem, we did not want to go home. So, we took the long way!

jpaul, next time in Clyde?

edie the weekendsaretooshort goddess