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Oct 21, 2005
I just wondered if anyone was doing the PPFA contest this year. Our shop is, but we just recently found out that only one other shop is going to be participating in our area.
Are you speaking of the Print Competition? If only two shops enter, sounds as if you have a good chance of placing- hehehehe. Our chapter contest is hanging right now in the gallery of the Washington County Arts Council. There are 9 entries, and we will find out on Sunday who the winners are (hope one of them is me!)The Arts Council actually had an Opening event for us. It was the same night as the Maryland Symphony's premiere performance of the season, so we got some really good exposure both for the chapter and for picture framing in general. The exhibit hangs until December 7th, so after the ribbons are placed, more folks will get to see how good framing is judged as well as which shops did what designs. It can't do anything but make framers look good...
Heh heh- I was surprised to find that there were only two in the chapter as well. I just finished our project this evening.

It was a lot of fun to come up with something different when we aren't allowed that much leeway with customers, though a lot of things have come up in the prepwork that my coworkers want to start incorporating into regular framing ideas...I'll have to kill them.
We ended up with three entries in the New England chapter. The participants here came up with some very clever ideas for what I thought was a difficult piece.

Ellen, nine entires is wonderful. I like the idea of having the entries hang in a public place.

I am a competitor at heart. Anytime I walked into a competiton and there were only three entries, I was disappointed. I would rather not place in a large competion, than place in a small one. I entered for the reason of seeing how good I really was. I had to move on to nationals to find out.

Framing for competition was fun. No restictions, no budget, no time frame. I hated those desciption forms though. Packing and shipping was no picnic either.
Another contest is the PPFA/PMA contest on Marketing Ideas. Ellen, please help me on the details (I know she entered a great idea). I think the prize money is $50,000

Ellen, help me, please
We had our very first compwtition here last Sunday. I guess that was a pretty good turn out. I bet there will be more next year. It was quite a learning experience, I'm so glad Mark Klostermeyer took the time to go over each piece with each contestant as to weaknesses and strengths. Now, I have a good idea what the judges are looking for for future events. So, even if you are the only entry in a category going through the process and seeing how the points are assigned is a good way to see how you measure up.
Originally posted by Pamela DeSimone, CPF:

I am a competitor at heart. Anytime I walked into a competiton and there were only three entries, I was disappointed. I would rather not place in a large competion, than place in a small one. I entered for the reason of seeing how good I really was. I had to move on to nationals to find out.
I was very sad to find that we were the ONLY shop in our chapter that competed. I would have liked to at least see one other entry.
Kathy, How many entries? Like you, I always found the competitions a great learning experience, even if the entries were few. Interesting that Mark went over the judging process with you. It has never been done at our chapter.

belinda, in spite of your disappointment in the turnout, I hope you will continue.

Please don't forget to participate in the open competition too!
Oh yes we will continue.

I would love to enter something in the open competition, but unfortunately I am the only prep person in our store and 85% of the work would be up to me and with the holiday season coming up, I just don't have the time. =(
I always planned ahead for the open. 100% of the work was mine. I started well in advance of the competition, and worked on the piece when I had time. This worked against me this year. I had almost finished my entry, when they announced that 2005 was going to be a theme. I was SO angry! I was able to bring it to regionals (which I won-only three entries, though). I could send it in 2006, but I'm not in the mood to deal with framing. There is a hair inside (hardly noticable, but it is there), and it is a major project taking the piece apart.

I could change my mind as the time gets closer. We'll see. Depends on how I feel.
Pamela, I spoke to Becky Zimmerman at PPFA and she said that the National Open is not themed.

Are you sayin that your reginal is themed?

How can they do that if the nationals is not?
Baer, I think Pam is referring to the 2005 competition. We are currently competing in the 2005 competition. It might sound confusing but, the nationals are in 2006. That is as I know it to be anyway.

Pam, we had 6 entries for the paintbrush and only one for the open, which was mine. So, I actually took first place in the open comp. Not much of a victory seeing as how I was the only entrant, but, my customers don't need to know that.

I have heard before that sometimes the judging is just scores with no feedback. I think Mark took the time with us because it was our first competition. Plus, we did have the time. He had to train the two other judges since this was their first competition. It really helped us to see what they are looking for in future comps. We feel fortunate that he took such an interest.
The paintbrush is the 2006 "Print Competition".

I believe and will confirm that the Open Competition is themed every other year....therefore this year's 2006 Open Comeptition will be anything goes. I will report back as soon as I can confirm (no one is in that can tell me in Jackson right now).

Also the Open Competition is one that anyone can submit their finished piece to the convention for judging. It does not need chapter validation to enter. You just need to submit the money and paperwork necessary and then ship your piece.
2006 will not be themed, but this year was. They will be themed every other year, as Ruth says.

A chapter open competiton is optional. Framer's can send their open entries to nationals w/o having participated in an open competition at the regional level.

One of the biggest complaints I hear is limited, or no, feedback fron the judges. I think it is wonderful Mark took the time to go over the pieces with you.
Here it is, verified with Becky Zimmerman:

The paintbrush IS the 2006 Competition piece
The Open Competition has NO theme. Therefore, you can enter anything in February of 2006 as long as you pay the entry fee and fill out the proper paperwork. This does not need to be judged on a chapter level.

The 2005 print piece was the frogs and the open competition was a "Childhood Theme".

Most chapters hold their competitions before January, therefore they are judging in the prior year. Some chapters will actually hold their competitions after January 1st and will be judging in the same year as will the International Competiton.

The 2007 Competition piece will be unvieled at the convention in February of 2006 . The Theme for the 2007 Open Competition will also be revealed (remember every other year will be themed). Chapters who choose to hold their competition before January of 2007 will be judging the 2007 piece in 2006.

Hope that clears thing up.
I typoed big time.....I meant to say the competitions going on right now are for 2006......I really did.
:( Unfortunatley we won't be able to see any of the competition pieces until after the National Competition has been held. That is unless you were able to attend and see them personaly. Some chapters have not yet held their competition and there is a good possiblity that some of the national judges monitor this forum.

The good news :D is that I think PPFA posts a photo of all the entries for the National Competition after the Nationals are judged. I could be wrong on this .............but I will check.
It is going to be a 70 degree day today!!!