PPFA Chapter Framing Competition Winners

Art On Canvas

CGF II, Certified Grumble Framer Level 2
Jun 24, 2002
St. Louis, MO
The St. Louis PPFA chapter will be sending these three beautiful entries to the print judging finals in Orlando's PPFA trade show next month, and a chance for the $1,000.00 first place prize:

1st place ribbon: Barb Pelton, Artfully Framed

2nd place ribbon: Ken Link and crew, Picture This And More

3rd Place ribbon: Terianne Turner, Picture It Finished

Ken also won the "People's Choice" award, and Terianne won the "Best 1st time" entry as well.

Congratulations to all, and the best of luck in Orlando.
Gee, I got fussed at when I announced the winners on Hitchhikers last time...

Congratulations to all the winners and, particularly, to Barb Pelton. She is such a shy new framer and this should boost her courage and confidence!

Who knows, someday she may have her very own art gallery like all us big dogs!!

OK, now that I had some fun with ya, Barb, I do wish you good luck in the PPFA competition. Hey, this means that you are going to have to make an appearance in Atlanta this fall! Looks like another fun weekend of eating and walking miles on hard surfaces.

(Try to keep from breaking anything 'till after the show, OK?) :eek:

Thanks guys. I can say that I was a little surprised to hear my name called out, because the competition was tough. I honestly thought after 2nd place was announced that I was going home without a ribbon, and that would have been OK by me--I certainly would not have felt slighted.

I'm glad you didn't tell me to break a leg, FGII! I might have taken you literally! :rolleyes:

(Betty, why the fuss?)
Aah, something about needing to wait until after the national competition. You'll remember Robin Gentry won first place in the KY/TN chapter and I announced it on HH, but was told that I shouldn't do that...

Oh well, I've had my hands slapped before!

Originally posted by B. Newman:
Gee, I got fussed at when I announced the winners on Hitchhikers last time...

But Betty, that's why we camp out on the G, IT AINT THE HH.