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Dec 7, 2001
Just great working all night then at 4:30 am power goes off.
Wizard is down for the count have about 90 mats to cut. So cutting mats by hand and candle light. At least it is romantic. LOL
Pistouris saw is Boat anchor so chopping all my wood frames with my Morso chopper. Again by candle light. Please don't call my insurance company. ( my insurance is paid through Feb )
The Keeton glass cutter is still working as designed.
Ahhh yes you want to know about the phones? Well they are all dead, but I keep one dumb phone that does not require electric to work on hand. I can still at least take calls.
I am now about 6 hours behind, working by candle light does something to productivity.
Talked to AEP and the said, "ya alot of people are with out power". No clue when it will be on.
Well the Laptop is running low on battery.
Now, THAT'S a MESS!!

Personally, I set a deadline - I took my last framing orders this past Tuesday at 2359! Just gotta keep some sanity, I decided.

Good luck.....and I hope that ALL those people pick up their orders when they insisted they wanted them!


One question: Are you whistling "It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas" as you labor??
Originally posted by GUMBY, GCF:
Well the Laptop is running low on battery.
That feels weird, doesn't it? I've used my laptop when the power was out, and it just feels like "somethin' ain't right, here!"

That's the problem with being dependant on all computerized equipment. Yeah, it makes us faster, but when it ain't workin' it ain't workin! That's what worries me about banking online and such - "what if?"


I've known you a long long time , my friend. Sorry to hear your last few days are crazier than anyone woulda thunk.

You always have had a good attitude though...working by candlelight being romantic...helps you keep your sanity, I guess.

...wish I could send you some juice!

Best wishes for 2005!

Dave Makielski
Jim, I here it could be awhile. Not what we want to hear. My store is up here in Fairlawn, but I live down your way, and my husband let me know I'm coming home to a very cold house. Heading over to my brother-in-laws house for the night. You've helped me out in the past and I wish you were closer to my store so I could pitch in. I've got 8 people coming over for Christmas dinner,so here's hoping the power company comes through!!!! I'll be thinking of you, Lori
tHaNKS eVrRY o NE r AS yOU cSAN SEE i HAVE NOT FAIRED wEll. eLLECtRIC w SA OF FROM 4;30 AM UNtIL 11:30 aM i LOSt 7 hOUrS WORK TIME. i T Is NOW 3:00 aM fRIDaY. i HVE cATCHED UPp An D ama bACK ONsCHeDuLE i AM GOING hOEM TAKE A SHOWER sleeP faST aND beeeE BACK BY ^:00 so i cAN FInISH tHE REST tAHt WIll Be PICKED uPO AT 11:00 AM i HOPE.......


Dave, thanks for the juice thought, I even went up to HD and they were out of generatorsAt 6:05am.

Lori always good to hear from you and hope your house is warm now and your party goes good.
I'd probably type like that if I was up framing till 3am in the dark, too

Congratulations on getting the power back and getting caught up.

Have a great holiday!

Some of you have mentioned that you hope everyone picks up those last minute orders.

We solved that problem about three years ago.

We post a sign that states: "Any Orders Left After December 10th for Christmas Pickup Must Be Paid For In Full At Time Of Order Placement"

This has eliminated us busting our butts for people and then they dont come and pickup the order.

Just a little suggestion.
Our power went out during the storm Wednesday night. Thursday we did all we could by flashlight light, leaving only a few frames to finish for Christmas.

Friday, Christmas Eve...

7:30 AM: Drove by the shop -- power still out. Went to breakfast to make a "disaster plan" for our Christmas pickups.

9 AM: Arrived at the shop after a hearty breakfast at Bob Evans and quick trip home for equipment. We figured the few remaining orders would just have to wait, but we could accept credit cards for all the other three-dozen-or-so finished frames yet to be picked up, if we could energize the phone system and draft capture terminal. Temperature in the shop was about 45F degrees. Not bad, considering that it was 6F degrees outside. We're prepared, with warm coats & gloves.

9:30 AM: Wired our phone system and draft capture terminal into a 300 watt DC/AC inverter in the back of the shop, plugged via extension cord into the cigarette lighter on the company van, idling just outside the back door. (I bought that inverter two years ago to charge my laptop computer in the car during trips. Used it once.) Delighted to find that the phones & draft capture are working!

9:45 AM: Power came back on. Disconnected the inverter & reconnected things to the shop power.

10 AM: Opening time. Here they come, a steady stream of happy customers until 2 pm, closing time.

2:45 PM: Just finishing up the day's tally. Power fails again. :(

End of story.

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night.
Good old Ohio Power Grid.
Jim Glad to hear you diverted disaster also. The inverter idea was really good.
Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all.
We live in a rural area in Califonia and have our shop at the same location; about 8 miles from the nearest center of civilization. Our customers can find us but our local power utility (PG&E), (or sometimes called Pigs, Goats and Elephants) does not find it convenient to work on rural power lines nor does it find it desirable to upgrade the local rural line to meet standards provided to urban customers. This is a business decision for which I have never been consulted; it seems that equipment for upgrade is not assessed until installed-you get the picture.

We are frequently out of power and have adapted with the installation of backup power (generator and propane) which we use about 10-15 times per year. since framing equipment does not operate on propane and the generator does not have the capacity to operate both the house and shop we shut down the framing.

My condolences to those without power during a rush season; I guess that we just don't have the clout to demand better service.

Jack Cee