Posting pictures on the Grumble revisited

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Jay H

PFG, Picture Framing God
Dec 8, 2003
This post is to explain what I consider to be the easiest way to post pictures on the Grumble.

I have opened an account that we can all upload to if you don’t have a way to host pictures. It has plenty of storage. It will work on the honor system and if anybody uploads anything to questionable in nature, Photobucket will shut down the account and all the pictures will be lost. So please feel free to use this account all you want but don’t be stupid.

Step one:

Go to

Enter username “grumblegrumble”
Password is “moulding”

Step two:

The next page that comes up is the page where you up load your picture.

1. Click the browse button and navigate to the picture you want to upload.
2. Click Submit


Step three

When the page reloads, you will see your picture at the bottom. Go to your picture and highlight everything in the “IMG” screen. It will look like this (IMG][/IMG]

Right click that and select copy.


Then go to the grumble thread you want to show the picture and paste that line.

That’s is. Three easy steps and if it takes longer than a minute or so, you’re doing something wrong.

I have hosted the images for this thread in this account so if you don’t see images here then the account has either been closed or somebody deleted the images.
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