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Jul 30, 1997
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Now, I KNOW it's me. I did the search by asking for Scanning Photos, then Posting Photos, and Can't scan, attach, OR search. framer, where are the instructions for how to do that? I know you had them on this board sometime. Buddy, I got your pix, and really liked them, but how can I make them smaller?? so as better to see them? Maybe I'll become a brain surgeon: it would be easier than this.
Thanks framer .Sorry MM.I hope you get to see them beter so you can give me an opinion of my work,and design .Framer I'll try to perfect your instructions so I can share more. Only trouble is you may create a monster.You see I keep a alblum full of Photos of my more memorable work .Do the rest of you?I do this to show future customers what we're able to do.

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Sideways of the subject: Would anyone be offended if Buddy posted his Hitchhiker Las Vegas photos? Many of us are in contact with many of them, so it would be interesting.
Mel I don't mind but maybe Framer Might. Their is 7 Photos and the corisponding names and as is apparent I'll probably need Framer to do the actual posting.So let me Know and I'll send them On to Framer.
If you want to email the photo's, scan the photo's at 72 dpi, and send each one in a seperate email. Doing this will speed up the download.

I would be happy to take care of this for you.