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PFG, Picture Framing God
Nov 2, 2001
Centennial, CO, USA
I'm having trouble posting photos. I have used the site Ron set up sucessfully up to this point. It is no longer working. I've even set up a new site and it is not working. Instead of showing the image it just shows the address. Has something changed I'm not aware of? I swear I was feeling fairly proficient at it before now. Any help anybody? Is it possible you guys would rather we not post photos? Just need to know, so I don't continue to beat a dead squirrel.
Kathy, I've been experimenting with some of the photos you've stored. I can't post them either, but if I paste the address into the browser directly, they display properly. The difference seems to be in the way The Grumble handles them.

Try deleting any part of the image address that appears after the "jpg."

Nobody's trying to prevent anybody from posting images, but it seems that the MSN communities are not the best or easiest place to host image files.
Thanks for trying Ron. I don't get it, all the other images I've posted have been from that MSN site. I went back and checked my posts under the Picture Frames Design Forum and they still come up. Although I tried reposting the same pictures now and they won't work. Maybe MSN has changed something? Oh well, once again the Universe is telling me I have better things to do.

The difference, Kathy, seems to be that MSN Communities adds extraneous text to the end of the image address. In the picture above - which I've posted before without problems - I had to remove "?dc=4675336139758443909" after the jpg extension before the image would post.

That extraneous text is new and appears even on images that were uploaded to MSN Communities some time ago. It must be deleted after pasting the address into your Grumble message.*g2
Iv2GmyqJdpt9kT*35rD4/emil y-the-meatloaf.jpg?
Iv2GmyqJdpt9kT*35rD4/emil y-the-meatloaf.jpg

(I'ver inserted some line breaks in the above addresses so they don't mess up the page viewing here.)
I tried the same thing with one of your old images and, as you can see, it didn't work.

For now, I give up. :confused:

By-the-way, if there are images on the Photos for Grumblers site that you're not going to use, please delete them at your convenience. My allowed storage is about 1/3 gone. It will be a very long time before that becomes a problem, but some day it will be.
Well Ron, I actually got one to post on warped by taking those numbers off. So, then I tried to post one from the MSN site I created of my own. There seems to be a whole other problem with that one. I noticed it has JPG twice. Did you have to do anything special with the Photos for Framers site so they could be posted elsewhere? This seems to be a burning issue with me right now, huh?

I'm actually going to start selling on Ebay again and I was hoping to use the site I set up to host the pictures, but maybe it doesn't work that way.

Here is an example of the address if you have any ideas. I made a couple of line breaks to keep it from expanding the post too. Please send me a bill for your services.
T9kkUgTyAlRNNqMyu4Sjq5Ro9HQR*z8sIaAdZZ9 2lRevz!30Xp8aGWOfvH2iaLj4P!O8Rk$/jpg.jpg
The big problem with using MSN Communities to host images is that they use Wisconsin drivers license numbers for URL addresses.

I really think it's a Microsoft strategy to discourage people from doing what you're trying to do.