Posting Photos to The Grumble - Part 4

Ron Eggers

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Jul 6, 2001
Getting your photo from your group to The Grumble.

Go to your MSN group, either from your saved bookmark or as described in part three.

To access your picture(s), you can click on Pictures in the left-hand menu. You'll find other shortcuts if you explore the main "What's New Page" of your group.

If you've created multiple albums, click on the album that has the photo you want. It's simpler in the beginning to just store all your photos in the default album.

Click on the thumbnail for the photo you want to post.

Right-click on the full-sized image that appears. On the menu that pops up, click on "Properties" (at the bottom.)

Another window will pop up. In the line called "address (URL)" double-click on the (very long) address to highlight the entire address.

Push ctrl-C to copy the address into your clipboard. Remember, the windows clipboard can only store on thing at-a-time, so you you want to save more than you address, you should paste each one into the windows notepad.

Close the properties window, exit your group and open The Grumble.
Start a new topic, or open a reply window as usual.

Under "Instant UBB Code," click on "Image."

In the "script prompt" that pops up, paste the image URL address by pushing ctrl-V. Delete any text that appears in the address after the .jpg. This may look something like "?dc=4675409425791796386." I don't know where this comes from, but it's not part of the image URL and you photo won't appear if you leave it in there.

Click OK. Add any necessary text to you post, check th Preview and click Submit, as usual.

That's it. Lots of steps, but it works and it's free. Try it and ask questions as needed. Have fun.

If you get the dreaded red X, either in the preview window, don't assume you screwed up. Try right-clicking on the red-x and choosing "show photo." If it still doesn't appear, check your URL address and make sure there's nothing after the .jpg

By Jove, I HOPE I've got it, but it's given me a terrific headache!
Ron. please bear with me. You of all people know my limitations with computers. I presume these steps are ways we can post our PERSONAL pix on the G. If we find a pic on the 'net, we can do the properties, etc thing, like I've done before, and post the pic. Right?
That's right, Charles. If the picture is already on a website somewhere, you can right-click on it, choose properties, etc . . . just like I outlined above. You don't need to save it, edit it and up load it to your own group unless you need to change the size or other properties.

As a rule-of-thumb, I wouldn't do this if the picture is more than about 600 pixels wide, 'cause it screws up the page size for The Grumble thread as we discussed elsewhere. You can check the image size under "properties" when you do the right-click thing. If the image is too big, you can save it, edit it and upload as per Parts 2-4.

BTW, the procedure outlined here in part 4 assumes you are using a fairly recent version of MS Internet Explorer. If you are one of those rebels that uses Netscape, Opera or some other browser, the procedure will be similar, but not identical.
It is an old late 1800s two story building. It was remodeled in the 70s. They added the arches and windows to the downstairs at that time. They did a nice job with it. There are 7 or 8 arched windows . The building is a block long. There is a heath-food store, Deli, our store, bakery, an entrance for the upper level ( which has offices for an envirmental group ) then .. ski/ bike shop. We are between the bakery and Deli best of both worlds!

Just checking. Man! This gives me a headache!!!
Here's one I took from the top of the Fone CO in 1972. Used a Konica Autoreflex T, with a manual 500mm Vivitar lens. This picture is much plainer, you can actually read the Holliday Inn sign in the original, but I felt I was doing good, just to get it on here.
Ron, I got too sleepy last night to try and reaize these, and use Adobe Deluxe to 'dim' the Holliday Inn pic a bit. Feel free to resize at your discretion. They ARE a bit large.
I forgot about the 'edit/time limit' rule, and was gonna do it this morning.

By the way, the Larson cartoon was on a card I bought years ago, but is one of my favorites!!!

So, Charles, you think I should download your photos, resize them in PhotoDeluxe, upload them to my MSN group and edit the links in your posts?

I don't think so. Not today.

They are only a "bit large" if someone would like to print out this thread and try to wade through the directions to post their own photos - hopefully on another thread.
Yesterday at noon, since I had left Saturday with things pretty well under control, and not one single person was out shopping I carefully followed Ron's directions, created my own group at msn, and posted a photo of my front door. It looked good in the preview and seemed to post properly at that time. Then about 2 hours later I checked the Grumble and no photo. Is it possible that the folks at msn had to unplug the server to plug in the coffeepot, or something making the photo temporarily unavailable? (meaning: Is it possible that the fault was not with me?????)
Meghan, I looked at your post to see if I could figure out the problem. You did miss one part of the instructions. You had some superfluous stuff in the URL address after the .jpg. You didn't put it there - MSN puts it there to make us miserable.

However, even after I deleted the extra stuff, it wouldn't post, so I'm not sure what happened. If you'd like to send me the address for your MSN Group, I'll take a look and see what's going on.

Just remember our motto: "If emibub can do it, anyone can."
Now wait just a doggone minute!!!! Today right before I posted to this forum my picture was there. I swear it. Now it is gone again. Ron, I don't need to take up any of your time trying to solve this. I've led a pretty happy life up 'til now without posting photos. I'm happy to continue in a photo-free manner. Thanks for offering, though.
Meghan, if your photo is appearing and disappearing at different times on the same computer, the difference might be whether you're logged in with your .net passport. You want to make sure that access to your group is set to "public" otherwise you're the only one who will be able to view the pictures and then only when you're logged onto the MSN Group or some other MSN passport service (like your Hotmail account.)

I'm glad you're happy whether you can post photos or not. I feel the same way about hitting a golf ball with any degree of accuracy.
Ron, you are a gentleman and a scholar.

There it is, clearly stated in Part 1! In my own defense it is one of the last things you mentioned...

I have never been a thorough reader of instructions. I glance. I looked at all 4 portions of how to post. Just missed a few key details. I'll try to do better next time. I edited the group settings so if anyone still gives a hoot my wall of snow is now visible on the "What a great snowstorm!" thread.

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No, Ron. Not being all that familiar with this whole process, I thought you had a magic spell, and could downsize the pics I posted.
I have your instructions, and all the software you suggested, and will slowly figure it out.
I didn't want to take up too much server space with overly-large pix. If they're ok, then let them stand...'S ok with me.
Here's one I took from the top of the Fone CO in 1972. Used a Konica Autoreflex T, with a manual 500mm Vivitar lens. This picture is much plainer, you can actually read the Holliday Inn sign in the original, but I felt I was doing good, just to get it on here

This pic makes me realize why the power co. gives some of there best customers a fruit basket every year! Just about blinded me!!

Sorry to be so far off subject!

Mark, see almost exact duplicate photo on Warped, under 'Cartoon' thread.

Ron, I'm sorry I clogged up this thread with pix. I've probably been posting too many lately, anyway. Will post them on Warped, from now on.

Thanks for the info. Please delete the 2 photos, if you wish, as I have re-posted them on Warped.