Posting Photos to The Grumble - Part 1

Ron Eggers

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Jul 6, 2001
What you'll need:
a) A source for digital photos
2-Digital camera
3-CD or disc from photofinisher
4-Email attachment or web source

b) Photo- editing software to adjust size, resolution, cropping, color and contrast - as needed. I use Adobe PhotoDeluxe. Often it - or something like it - comes free with a scanner or digital camera.

c) A Microsoft net. passport. If you use MSN internet access or you have a hotmail account, you already have a .net passport. If not, here's how to get one:

How to sign up for free on-line storage through Microsoft

1-If you can use a free email address, go to and go through the registration procedure. Be sure and remember your new email address and password.
2-If you just need the .net passport, or if you already have one:
Go to
Click on Create your own group
Either sign in with your exisiting passport or click on Get a .net passport and go through the registration process. To register, you'll provide your current email address and choose a password.
Then sign on with your new or existing .net passport
Follow the on-screen directions to create your group
Most of the settings are self-explanatory, but make sure your Membership Settings are set to public, or nobody but you will be able to view any photos you link to.

Next up: Part 2 - How to prepare your digital photos for uploading to your new host.

Questions so far?

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(Psst, Mark, check his profile.)


P.S. I won't tell anyone you didn't know that, Mark.

Edit: Aw, now I get it! That was a joke! Yeah. You were being funny! (How come you are always serious until I pay attention and THEN you get funny??)

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I'm doing my homework here for extra credit. If you guys can see this picture then Ron is right, any "Nit Wit" can do it! You should be able to see the man of my dreams.


Well, I can see him, the real test is if anybody else can see him. Woo hoo baby!

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Ron, I will try once again (sigh) to follow your instructions. Try as I might, I have been able to CREATE a 'group', and, it even tells me that I have pix there, but I can never find them.
I hate computers! If it wasn't for the Grumble, I'd have a big sale!! :confused:

Watch for part 4: How to get your photos from your MSN Group to The Grumble.
Originally posted by emibub:
You should be able to see the man of my dreams.

Look closely, the "man of your dreams" has long hair and is wearing earrings!! :eek:

(Probably shops for "his" underwear at F of H too!)

I created my own group on MSN for storage...but lemme tell ya i had to jump thru rings to get a picture to post there...i couldn't post one i saved from adobe photodeluxe (in a jpeg format) on my hard drive..i had to convert it in a proggie i have that i d/led off the net called gifconverter.....
looking forward to part 3 ron to see if there is a easier way to post on msn
Originally posted by Framerguy:

Look closely, the "man of your dreams" has long hair and is wearing earrings!! :eek:

(Probably shops for "his" underwear at F of H too!)

Tom, That man could come to me dressed in a tutu and high heels with a feather boa around his neck and it would not change a thing!

Ron, Since I have progressed could we reevaluate my status from "Nit wit" to "idiot"? Just want to know I am advancing. Thanks

P.S. Ron, since I pulled my image off the net I didn't know how to resize it. I know it is a bit big. I saw your comment about large images and I agree. I still have more to learn.

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I believe Yahoo has something comparable to the MSN Communities, but to start your own MSN site to store photos, you need to use and existing hotmail or MSN account or register for a free .net passport per my instructions above.

I want to emphasise that this is not the only way to get pictures on The Grumble. It might not even be the easiest way. It's just the way I learned to do it and I'm too lazy to try anything different.

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Purple Person,

I have explained, in four parts, the only way I know how to post photos to The Grumble. Each of the first three parts has a link to the next part. It's tedious, but it works, and it's a lot faster to do it than to explain how to do it.

Any other method will involve similar steps.
1)Editing your digital photo to proper size and resolution.
2)Arranging hosting space either through your internet providor or through one of the free or paid services available.
3)Uploading your photo(s) to the on-line storage space. Usually the upload invloves the use of a FTP (file transfer protocal) utility.
4)Posting the URL address for the photo in your Grumble post.
Originally posted by PurplePerson:
How else could I get pictures from AOL and from my hardrive onto the Grumble? I need an idiot proof way.
Purp, Ron is right. As he so aptly put it I am a computer nit wit. I have mastered his technique. Now thanks to Ron I even have my own storage space. If I can do it you can too. The first couple of times will be slow and tedious, but once you do it I promise it all makes sense. Ron is a very good teacher.(Look at me trying to be the teachers pet) I am even going to give him this apple.(am I a brown noser or what?
Okay, Kathy, I think you've earned a new designation: Master Picture-posting Nitwit.
Thanks for the designation Ron. In all sincerity, you have taught us a lot here. I am living proof if you go through the steps it is very easy.