Postcard vendors

Framing Goddess

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Jul 18, 2000
Cleveland, Ohio
I have this crazy notion to do some direct mail marketing.

Anyone have any color postcard vendors that they have used and would recommend? I checked out and it looked prit good to me.


edie the gonnagotightenupthatmailinglistrightnow goddess
there is another vendor, think there website is they seem ok. they have smaller number quantities that can be ordered.

Checkout QUANTUMMAIL.COM. I did a thread a short while back on this same topic. Someone mentioned them and I used them with complete satisfaction. Minimum mailing is 20. They offer a 51/2x81/2 post card for 49 cents per card. On line you design it, pick your target area from their database, they print it and mail it. There is an initial startup fee of $30 (if I remember correctly). 262 post cards cost me $131, that included using their database to create my mailing list, me designing it, them printing it and postage. What they offered that others I looked at did not offer was their database. I wanted to target just my neighborhood. So I could pick house number ranges on certain streets.

They offer a library of cards that you add text to or you can upload your own graphics.
Not really trying to drum up business on The Grumble but after reading some of the printing prices in the posts I thought I would inform you of our services. We offer graphic design, large format archival printing and picture framing. I can get you 2500, full color on both sides, half page (5.5 x 8.5) postcards on card stock for $190 + labor costs. ($40 per hour to design) These costs are available to designers only but we pass our exact costs along to our customers and only charge for design time.
I just had my own post cards printed and designed for under,.10 cents each or 25000 for 1600.00 plus about 200.00 for my graphic designer to design the card. These are full colour one sided. All my information is all on the front of the card so there is little worry of the potential customer not reading the back of the card.