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Postcard Ideas


PFG, Picture Framing God
Mar 20, 2001
Powell, OH
What do you think?


Could this be a regional colloquialism for "don't need to be watered"?
Anne's way is simpler.

:cool: Rick
....or it should say "These flowers don't need to be watered"........

They look great though. What do they say on the back?
Let's see....Ohio, yup...regional English. Inanimate objects express desire.

"This chair wants to go over there". "This room needs cleaned".

Nice post cards by the way.

Hey Kathy, why don't you post some of your graphics.
Oh, Gauguin cut off Van Gogh's ear in a drunken sword fight. They made up the story about the unrequited love to cover their embarrassment.
It must be an Ohio thang.

My moma said if you don't want people's opinions don't ast for them. :D
I like the first one. The other two are a little too "cutsie" for my taste. What are you trying to accomplish with hte mailing? The first one may make me think of something I "have" that I should have framed.

The second one may trigger a gift purchase?

The third may put in my mind that you are the place to go "when" I eventually have something?

Try to figure out what you want the "call to action" to be when the reader picks up your card. Did you do it?
Dave -
I liked them all (regional colloquialism included)

I would also like to see PPFA offer more in the way of marketing ideas - Ad slicks, Radio spots, even Television ads
I especially liked the Van Gogh one.

But I would suggest changing the emphasis from <u>his</u> to <u>us</u> i.e. from

“ ... because he didn’t have us do his framing.” to

“ ... because he didn’t have us do his framing.”

just a thought.
Have you thought about making them available to other framers as well
Yes I have.

I am thinking of offering them in packages of 1000 5.5"x8.5" cards, 2 12"x16" counter cards, and a 24"x48" hanging window poster. the cost would work out to $250.00 with additional cards at $200 a thousand.

The back of the cards would still need to be printed be each framer. this way you could customize the card to your shop.
Way to go Dave, I especially like the first 1 one. You could put me down for an order of them, I'm thinking already how I could use it.

Langley House Gallery
Spring, TX (where the summer heat and humidity have arrived in full force) :(
Love all of em Dave. Good job! I can see using each of them in different situations depending on what you're trying to say to your customers or potential customers. I especially like the Van Gogh.

Now, how bout coming up w/a cool postcard for low carb framing or fat free framing?
Hi Dave. Just wondering if you are still thinking of selling these postcards for other framers to use. I think they are great and especially like the 1st one. Also wonderin if you would allow us after ordering to have them scanned to use as a newspaper advertisement every now and then.(personalized w/ our store info)