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Feb 25, 2001
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Hi. I hate to complain....maybe it is just me and I am not smart enough to figure this out but.....there has to be a better method of us grumblers being able to post a photograph. I read lots of posts about how mats are cut, shadowboxes are made, etc. and only a very few ever get shown on this site. I would love to send in some photos and see what others would like to show. Is there anything we can do to make this easier? Actually, is it possible at all? Sorry, but I am dumbfounded as to how this part works and I really feel it needs help. Don't misunderstand me....I LOVE GRUMBLE..! Because I do....I would love to see it improve and made easier. Jean in Maine....warming up. It is 10 above now! Wow.
What I do is post the picture somewhere online, such as in a Yahoo album, and then post a link to it.
When you are posting a message, click the little button near the bottom that days "image" and then you can link to the picture.

I just cut and paste the address off the page the image is on.
I hate to complain....maybe it is just me and I am not smart enough to figure this out
just in case...;f=4;t=000352

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Okay. Step by step.

Go to the picture you want to post.
Right click on it, and select "view image".
You will now have just the picture, and no other junk.

Put your cursor on the address in the little window at the top of the page.
Right click, and select "copy". The whole address should highlight when you do this.

Go to the Grumble, and start your post.
Click the "image" button.

Erase the "http:// ", and right click. Select "paste".

Ta-da! You have added a picture to your post.

Like this.
**** -freezes.jpg
Hi Lessafinger. Ah, I have a digital camera, I use Adobe Photoshop Elements with ease and I sell all the time on eBay (hmmm, antiques not framing) is soooooooooooo easy. Just save it to a floppy then call it up...etc. I clicked on the site you sent....getting a hotmail...saving to someone's digital site, thanks. Too much work for me. This is why I say there has to be an easier way. Maybe if I take an hour or two I will figure it out but I really don't have the extra time. Jean

If you go to the Techie forum and do a search for post pictures, you will find lots of usesful tips.

How is selling on ebay any easier? I may be wrong, but uploading to Ebay and uploading to another server should take about the same time.

Once you've loaded your photo somewhere, all you have to do is point to it.

Certainly there are MUCH easier ways to post photos to The Grumble. I just use, and describe, the most convoluted, complex system I could think of as a matter of job security.

But think about this: Emibub can post original photos to The Grumble, and she does it exactly the way that's outlined in that thread that Less pointed to.
Jean, Ron is absolutely right. I didn't have a clue how to post an image and following his instructions is very easy. I think what you might not be understanding is it is up to you to find a way to store your images and then it is very easy to post them from there. I've been told all ISP's have a minimum of storage space for each user, I've never had any luck finding mine so Ron's explanation of the MSN site provides free storage.

I too have sold on Ebay and you still have to store your image in order to show it. I use an auction service to host my images on Ebay, but it is still the same procedure as here. I have to still upload my images to that site and then link them to Ebay.

There is a learning curve, but you do have to take the time to go through it step by step. Just think, if you get through the program before you know it you will be posting pictures just like this....

If you just make a stash of your images online somewhere, posting them on ANY board is easy. You can even load your framing pictures to the same place your auction pictures are stored.

And, if you see something funny online, it's easy to share it, like this.

If you have nowhere to stash pictures, you can probably get someone around here to host a couple of pictures for you. You would e-mail the pictures to them, and they would stash them somewhere, and send you the link.

Then you could scare people like Emibub just did!
Folks, this isn't rocket science!! Everyone of you has a storage site at your disposal. I haven't seen a single ISP (Internet Service Provider, the company that you are hooked to the internet through) that doesn't offer at least 5 megs of storage space to their clients. I am with Earthlink and have 10 megs okf storage on both my home and office connections.

You can go to,, or and find storage space on any of them. You simply register on any of your ISP homepages. Once you are registered and have a login name and password, (exactlly like you had to do to get onto the Grumble), you can go to "My MSN" or "My "Yahoo" or "My Dimbus" which is your personal homepage for that server and you can follow the easy directions on any of these "Personal Homepages" to upload and store your photos or images or text or whatever you want to store.