I have the demo installed and have seen them at a couple trade shows, spoke with them, etc. It has some interesting features but also lacks some. Every product has its strong and weak points and checking out the demos is the fun part, to see which one appeals to you.

I don't know of anyone who uses the product, though. Hopefully if someone does, they will step forward and respond to your post.

We use Lifesaver here, and love it. From recent poll results, we know that most grumblers seem to use either LifeSaver, SpecialtySoft, FrameReady, or Fullcalc.

Here's a comparison list of all known POS systems for framing: http://www.getthepictureframing.com/gfaq/

While waiting for someone to respond, you may want to check out some previous threads where folks discussed the various products. Some of them can be found on the main forum, but most of them will be in the POS & Techie forum. To search, click on the SEARCH link near the top of the page.

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Thanks Mike
WE signed up with Artteck at the New York show
Glad we did not have to purchase the software (its a rental of the license) as it still seems to be under construction.Their support seems to be ok but!!!!!
As of today 4/28 still not up and running