POS For Sale?

Jim Miller

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Nov 5, 1997
Suburban Central Ohio
Does anyone out there know of a FrameReady program for sale by a framer who no longer wants/needs it?

I am thinking about setting up a temporary location to take in framing orders. if it works, I might make it a permanent arrangement.

The only remaining hurdles are the outlay for another computer, and almost $900 for another FrameReady program.

When I lamented to FrameReady (Carol) that I didn't want to buy the program unless I was sure this would work out, she had two very good suggestions:

1. Use the "demo" program for its limit of 60 days. That makes good sense -- 60 days might be an adequate trial period for this idea.

2. Watch for a FrameReady program available for sale. Also, if I bought the program and later decided I didn't need it, I could sell it to another framer.

SAY WHAT? I didn't know the program could be resold.

So, I repeat: Does anyone have a FrameReady program to sell?