POS Class at edexpo


MGF, Master Grumble Framer
Sep 4, 1998
Pendleton, OR, USA
PFM is sponsoring the POS class Friday afternoon in Atlanta. This same class was taught in LV at the West Coast show.

The decision about POS software is the reason for my interest in this class, but in order to do so I will need to change my air reservations at some expense. If any Grumbler took this class in LV and has an opinion, I'd love to hear about it.

Thanks, Grumblers. (It would also be my excuse to change air reservations to get me there in time for dinner Friday night.


I sat in on the Las Vegas, Jan 2001 session.

The discussion about POS software was kept as generic as possible. If a person asked a question about specific vendor applications, the question was deferred.

Topics addressed were:
Typical minimum hardware requirements.
Financial payback scenerios with assumptions.
Accurate & consistent pricing.
Time saving in pricing orders or quotes.
Elimination of employee error.
and others.

If you know nothing about frame pricing software or POS software, it was a very good thing to listen to.

Most, if not all, software vendors will send a demo and that is what it should be viewed as. The demos that I looked at could not be considered valid for product evaluation. Unless a person has a lot of spare time on their hands, a good evaluation/comparison would take a while. The demos don't have everything loaded that you would use to realistically compare the software to each other and to your manual writeup.

These programs are memory hogs. Less computer memory translates into slower applications. Add a cheap inkjet printer which is computer memory based rather than having its own internal memory will slow things down even more.... or lock up frequently. Experience and 2 printers later is talking here.

That's the very quick rundown of the session. I am more than happy to answer any specific questions that you might have.

Rick - CPFcm