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Lance E

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Oct 31, 1999
Hamilton, New Zealand
Here is a window display that we made for the Balloon fiesta that is currently on in our area. The interest and amount of attention it has attracted has almost doubled the workflow for framing.


This was taken before signage was included (on the floor) but shows a bit of how it gained attention. From the side it made no sense whatsoever as it is distributed back over about 8 layers.

Total time was 16 hours (total) to print, chop & frame, and then hang (nightmare). It was a great project and brought 9 different staff into play for it's creation - so a good team excercise also.
I think you really should have expanded it to show clouds above and the land below.....


Wahay - brilliant - how high is that window and how are the frames hung - on tensioned wires/rods?
The window is 3m high (10'). We mounted it to foamboard and used flexipins to reduce the weight by as much as possible, it's all hanging from our window rack on Nylon fishing line.
Very nice. Can I steal, um borrow, it, too? :D All kinds of images would be cool if done that way. You got me thinking, Lance.
Very neat, now do you have the CD player on repeat with "Up, Up and Away in My Beautiful Balloon...."

Actually I saw in a tech mag. one time a gizmo you could attach to any sufrace (IE window pane) that would turn it into a large speaker!
Try again later 'chelle, our website is currently experiencing very heavy traffic due to the photos from the event being viewed. In about an hour it should be cleared up for a while as the Nightglow takes place.
That window display is amazing - well done, Lance
ohhhhhhh that is soooo stolen! I'm thinking Horses for around KY derby time. Oh oh oh oh....the logo for the Bar B Que fest???? Ahh so many ideas, so little ink.
How about we all just openly steal your idea! It is fantastic, great work. I'll be happy to give you credit!