Pom pon mounting

Lauren Tanzio

Feb 24, 2005
Metairie, LA
A customer brought in a small pom pon to be mounted. I told him "sure! I can do that." And I'm sure I can, I'm just not sure HOW! Any suggestions? My biggest concern is getting all those little plastic tassles to stay put and not stick to the acrylic (it's going in a large shadowbox with a whole bunch of other things that I do know how to mount)
Depends a bit on the look you want, the design, the other items, colors ...

Maybe mylar strips? A mylar cover? Sewing some? Sew some at different length points so you get some "flop", but not too much? Make a mylar "cone"? Use one of the other items (maybe a small framed picture) to overlap it, thus holding it down, but most showing below?

Hard to give much more specific advice without seeing it and the total design. Hope one of those ideas will work for you?
It's one of those really cheap plastic pompons you get at football games. It'll be in the upper left corner on a frame with 11 photos, a magazine, and a calendar.
Seems to me that Cliff has the answer. Mylar would be perfect for pompoms.
I would think that the mylar might make it look "weighed down".

I wonder if there is a way you could incorporate only a small secion of it (so it's not so big and fluffY) such as having it flowing out of the corner of the top mat (if there IS one...) or seeing as it's just a cheapie - maybe you could trim it so that the fringes are not so long. How about dismantling it so that you can make several smaller ones?

I'd prefer it somehow looking "loose" even if it does stick to the acrylic a little bit rather than flattened down - pom poms are supposed to look "fluffy".