polystyrene and v-nails`


CGF, Certified Grumble Framer
Jul 24, 2004
Round Pond, ME
I'm having a problem!!!!!!!!!!! Have been putting together a lot of polystyrene frames. Quite wide, the rear/outside is a bit thicker than the inside. The inside or front V-nails (VN2+1) go in alright, but the rear won't go in all the way. Have raised the pressure up to 100! Tried both soft and hard wood v-nails! I'm using a slow setting hot glue, but that doesn't affect the v-nails. Anyone have any solutions. Have called ITW and left messages with their tech dept. Waiting to hear back from them.
Your problem is common. The vertical clamp works OK for the first v-nail, because that's where it's positioned, but when you trigger the next one, it doesn't hold the moulding down properly.

The moulding part jump upward when the v-nail goes in...right?

With only one vertical clamp, it's necessary to relocate it over the position of each v-nail you insert. When you have the vertical clamp repositioned, it should be OK.