Pneumatic Stapler recommendations????

Chuck T

True Grumbler
Aug 15, 2003
Jackson, Michigan
Hi Grumblers, I am seeking to aquire a pneumatic stapler used primarily for stretching canvas. I would like to use stainless (or nickle plated) staples. I have framed many a canvas that have nice clean stainless staples (I think) and sure like they way the "seat" on the canvas, not to mention the ease on your arm and hand as opposed to the manual ones. I have been wanting one for some time but never got the chance to try any others. Any recommendations? Thanks, Chuck T.
Senco, I have three of them we have been using for over 25 years. Be sure to put a drop or two of pneumatic oil in the air inlet on the back of the gun handle from time to time, makes em last longer. The Senco guns will take all leg sizes of staples.

Senco will also sell you stainless steel staples through their customer service department if you can not get them through a fastner company or marine suppler.