Plexi or UV Plexi??

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Nov 16, 2003
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Okay, fellow Grumblers, here is my question. We have gotten the job from our local high school to redo 113 sports teams photos. The have been displayed extremly poorly over the last 75 or so years. Basically the were single matted and taped to *#*! to the back of the mat! They were then stuck to the concrete walls with "ticky tack" and a piece of acrylic slapped on top with a few screws to hold in place. These where not photos of just yearly teams but photos of only championship teams!! Not very well preserved......
We are going to mat and frame individually. Here is the ?. They hang where no natural light can possibly get to them. Only fluorescent light will illuminate them. Some of the pictures are already "color challenged" I will say. Some are black and white. I want to preserve and limit further color detioration. DO I NEED UV PLEXI OR CAN I USE REGULAR PLEXI??? Does the absence of natural light get me off the hook for the more expensive UV Plexi? Any thoughts?
Sorry frameBOY, but all types of light will hasten fading, especially fluorescent

The trick is, are they willing to pay, and are you willing to charge?

OH, and I would highly recommend that they scan the photos for the future. They can be color corrected!

For that matter, store the originals and frame the copies.

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uv plexi. No more. No less. Nuff said. Charge for it accordingly. Here I pay $85 per sheet and it's 48 x 96. Enough to do a ton of them if they're small.
You know, sometimes I wonder where my brain went! I just reframed a portrait of my parents that was hanging in our office (illuminated by fluorescents!) because it was just regular glass and had changed color so badly. Did the job with a reprint from the original negative using UV glass. WOW! What a difference! Looks like new! Could have answered my own question Less! Sometimes you can't see the forest for the trees.......UV Plexi it will be!

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Just a little question from a NOT SO experienced framer. Why Plexi instead of glass?
Just wondering for future use.
Items hanging in public, high-traffic places (like high schools) are subject to glass breakage, which can injure people and the photographs.

Plexi can break, but it will not shatter.

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Why plexi instead of glass? Easy question that has an easy answer. The plexi won't break nearly as easily as glass. They are putting it in a High School, I always use plexi in those instances, regardless of size.
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Thanks you guys for the info on Plexiglass.
You know, in my inexperience I never thought about the breakage of glass. I do our area school work and the senior composite as well and have framed in glass for the composite since having this school 7 or so years. SO I guess this year, I will frame it in plexiglass and be so proud!! ha
Thanks again and thanks for the welcome. You know us "training" folks feel somewhat inadequate...or at least I do. Wish I knew all the stuff you guys do....
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