Plexi on large sign


SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer
Nov 19, 2003
Orange County, CA
Client calls with order ... non-glare plexi, black frame, 48x60, urgent.

When he drops off artwork turns out that it's a sign printed on digital paper with a thin glossy laminate.

Problem is that if you lay plexi on top you get lots of real nasty pressure marks all over the place.

Without drymounting (too big for press) spacers are not going to be viable as center of image will get sucked against plexi by static. And then you're back to pressure marks / wavy distortion.

So currently thinking about getting it drymounted and mat laminated to MDF by third party. Then framing with no plexi.

Any other suggestions?

Appreciate quick reply on this one!

What would happen if the piece was sprayed with a mat acrylic spray? Wouldn't this eliminate the pressure marks? That's my thought as the pressure marks are related to both surfaces being glossy. Might be worth a try.
something like that!!!!!! tomorrow night latest ... but for a price that would be reasonable if it were not for the extra work, rush, etc.

Just got a nearly identical order, myself! Except my sign is on all-weather sign-board. I think you've got the right idea. Dry-mount it, weather-proof it and skip the plexi. See what the customer thinks.