Pleaseant customers

For me it was a sad day - just above average turnover but the 'everything else' side beat the framing side for the first time ever!

That is NOT how the year will pan out though!
Drunk, stinky guy.

Thank goodness that almost never happens. Our clients are tops, but this was just a guy looking for a warm place to hang out.

I did have a regular customer in at the same time and he stayed until drunk, stinky guy left. My regular customer is about 6'1" and I felt better to have him in the store with me.
I had a guy in that assumed, since I work here, that I painted the artwork hanging on the walls.
I really have VERY pleasant customers. I'd say at least %99.9.

Except for the occasional loony DIY'ers who barge in wanting a 32x40 piece "paper" (they mean a mat) at cost or less: "Hey, it is only paper!"
I had a couple in that plunked down $1600 for 2 pieces in my gallery, beautiful photos of Lake Tahoe area, taken by a friend whom I've been coaching for the past year about marketing his work, framed by me. They're new to the area, migrated from S. Calif. Raved about finding a shop with "someone who knows what they're doing". My friend and I are so tickled we can hardly stand ourselves! The customers want more later, and will tell "all their new friends". Nice folks, whether or not they'd bought. I love this "job"
I'm Sooooo Happy! :D :D
Doesn't that just make ya feel warm and fuzzy all over when you can practice what you preach and show proof by handing your photo friend a fist full of cash for his work????!!!!

Yes it does! A most satisfying experience to pick up the phone and tell him "They decided they didn't want one"... "Aw, really? That's too bad"...."THEY WANTED TWO!!!".....Loud thud at the other end.
Especially satisfying when you look back at each of us a year ago. Him, thinking he might like to "try" to sell his stuff.(check out his website.. Me, miserable at a BB. Look at us now, living our dreams!
As much as we like griping about the occasional weird or nasty customer, the vast majority of the folks we run across are pleasant and fair.

One of the reason I love this job is that our customers are generally well educated so you can joke with or hold a conversation with a wide variety of things with them.

It makes the job fun.