Please recall the first days of your business...


CGF, Certified Grumble Framer
Jul 20, 2005
I've been open now for almost 2 weeks and got a total of 5 orders to frame. I expect it to be slow at first as I build up my customer base.

My shop is very small and made for low volume. My wife and I are running this business together and decided to combine three into one building... "Creative Framing and Scrapbooking"
(I'm also an artist and work in my studio that I had built in the store)

So far, the scrapbooking has been the biggest aspect so i'm not too worried about the low framing numbers. Infact i'm not really pushing the framing business hard.. I want to get some of my own art on the walls first.

I'm just curious... How long did it take you all to reach your peak framing numbers per week and actually start making a good profit?

I'm very excited about our business as it's off to a good start. Our location is grand and will only get better. The city is really fixing up this area.

So yeah.. how was your start?
I've always heard it can take 2-3 years to get a comfort level. (paying bills and getting a little money)

I am into month 14 and more times than not I can cover the bills without going into my savings.

My first weeks were mainly mercy framings for family and friends. Little by little actual customers (strangers) started bringing in stuff.

July and August are REALLLLLY slow for me but the kids will be in school soon and people back from vacation so I am optimistic.

It is real easy to get down on yourself the first few months but Christmas believe it or not will be here sooner than we think.

You have a good idea combing the three so you will get some carry over business as well.

You are not alone, hang in there and give eneryone that walks in the door the impression that they are the most important person on the planet and they will apreciate it (most of the time) and tell their friends.

Good luck.
I'd say that you are off to a fair start... It was about 2 weeks for me to reach that level as well - 4 years ago!! As far as reaching peak... keep on building your business... and building... there are peaks and valleys and I hope you have many more peaks than valleys!

I just went back and checked. My very first order, was an acquaintance and it was one of the more expensive projects I have done to date!! And then I checked - my first New Customer is still a very loyal and constant customer. Those are the kind I love and cater to!! The next project a friend brought in - and wasn't it a freebie - tough when you are trying to build a business!!

Good luck with your multiple endeavors - get some framing done before your art, though - so you can tempt your customers with beautifully designed framing which only helps to sell and up-sell for the pieces they bring in!!
We are approaching our one year anniversary of opening -- The first Saturday in Sept. If I recall, it was probably 2 or 3 weeks before our first framing order came in..... and then the torrent began! "IF" this year repeats last year's sales, I will be very pleased because I don't have all my start-up costs (about 30K).

I suspect you will see it ramp up considerably until Christmas. This is of course dependent upon a lot of factors such as location, competition, marketing, etc....

Good luck.
We just hit our one year mark and I think it will be three till we are making money. This month is has been terrible, back to school vacations etc. The first orders I had were all friends, family and clients from my old job. Last week was good and they were all new return customers. If you open it they will come.... with a good marketing and business plan. Good Luck I am excited every day to get up and come play in my own shop.