please help!


May 6, 2004
new york
Hi all you grumblers out there. I have a problem...I opened a shop about 2 years ago but need to sell now. The reason for selling is that my mother, who does daycare is retiring in june. this means i will no longer have anyone to watch my 3 young children. My husband and I have discused it(and discussed it) and we decided that rather than bring them to a stranger, I would become a stay at home mom. Here's the problem...I need to sell everything in my I cannot afford to take a loss and just put everything in storage for now. If there is anyone out there that wants to start a new framing business, or if you are currently working for a shop and think it's time you went on your own, or if you've sold your shop and have any advice at all...I would love to hear from you. It will be a sad day for me to close down cause I love my shop and have worked really hard to make it grow, but it would also be a happy day cause I wouldn't be away from my kids 6 days a week and I really miss them. hope to hear from you all.
Would it be out of the question for you to move a small portion of your business to your home? That is precisely the reason some of us are "home-based" framers. In my case, it began as a child with special needs, then grew into more our parents' than our childrens' needs.

If you could keep a few select clients, that would help your finances, your sanity, (yes, you love your children, but they will be teenagers one day!) and keep your foot in the door for the day when you will return.

When it's in your blood, you will return one day.

wish i had a big enough house to do it out of but i don't think i could even find room enough for my mat cutter. I probably will return one day whether it be on my own or in another frame shop...i love to frame. thanks betty
If the business is viable, and you have, or could get, a decent lease, you might want to list you business with a broker. You would be able to get something back beyond the physical assets of the business. A good client list and a good business history has marketable value.
If all you want to do is sell off your equipment and inventory, you should be prepared to take something of a loss on your investment, especially the equipment, and especially if you need to sell it in a hurry.