Please help me find a couple suppliers East coast


SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer
Apr 8, 2004
Hello, I am new to this forum and so far it looks great. I am in the midst of opening my retail shop and am having trouble finding a supplier for work tables 4 x 8. (fabrication tables). I would prefer the ones with metal frame legs that come with particle board top and shelf. I was able to find them on the west coast but the shipping cost is more than the tables cost. Also if anyone has any suggestions on mat/glass/cust art cases I would really apreciate it.
There was a vendor at the Philadelphia PFM show last May - called Cundy's Creations that built mat racks, tables, filet displays (much like Kathy's), storage units etc at very reasonable prices. I just threw his brochure away last week in a post-tax preparation clean up. I can't find them on the internet but there's probably a good chance that they will be at the PFM show in Philly next month. Maybe Picture Framing Magazine can help you find them
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I am pretty sure that Home Depot has those kind of metal legged, particle board/masonite topped tables. You've got to assemble them yourself, of course, but they are relatively cheap.
Thank you everyone for your responses. I greatly appreciate your ideas and will try them all. If any one has any advice, warnings or amusing tales of their first opening I would love to hear from you. Again Thank you, Bob.

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Are you equipped to build your own benches? The benches you are asking about leave alot to be desired concerning storage underneath and general sturdiness. You can build your own benches, easels, display pedistals, sample rack, moulding sample carousels, customer counter, print racks, and almost anything that you need for your shop that could be built out of wood. I have built all of these items and have featured them somewhere on the Grumble at one time or another.

If you do a search for any of these items in the "Homemade Picture Framing Equipment" forum, you should find most of them pictured there. If not and you are interested in building any of them, let me know and I will post them here for you.

Most of the old timers on the Grumble have seen them too many times to care and I don't want to put them up again if you are going to go with the bought benches instead.


P.S. If you can dig up a Sept. 1993 issue of Decor magazine, the workbenches, customer counter, and flat file are all shown in an article about my benches and how/why I built them.