Please Help! Looking for Terry Redlin prints


True Grumbler
Jan 28, 2005
Papillion Nebraska
Don't know if it is okay to ask this or not so if it isn't I apoligize up front. I took an order for 2 Redlin prints on Saturday and when we went to order them we found out that Hadley no longer carries them and the new place wants a minimum order of $500.00 and a commitment to another 2000.00 in the year. We don't do that much in art sales in 5 yrs much less one and the other gentleman we had an arrangement with is no longer in business, retired. Would anyone out there happen to have the elite edition(14 x 24) of Harvest Memories and Welcome to Paradise that you would be willing to sell us? I can be reached at 402-331-1740 or

thanks so much!